Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Halloween in Pictures

I love Halloween.

Well I really love anything related to fall.

But Halloween is super fun. And I love Halloween decorations.

However, I DO NOT like gross scary creepy Halloween decorations.

I was so excited for Halloween this year because for the first time Adam and I have been able to spend it together! The last 3 years we have spent Halloween apart so we could both hand out candy at our respective houses. Although handing out candy at my house meant to like 3 kids. But they were 3 kids I was excited about! 4 years ago we actually DID spend Halloween together because we went on our third date on Halloween! I was also excited about Halloween this year with the hope of having more kids.

Adam never had a TON of kids at his house, but the house wasn't decorated and didn't look lived in. Now we have cute decorations and it looks much more presentable. Not so much like a real haunted house.

So here was my Halloween...

This is me all dressed up and ready at the door at 3:00 with my candy. I kept getting up to check the street because no kids were coming.

So I sat down to be productive and worked on my homework in my costume.

The doorbell rang, but it wasn't a real trick-or-treater. Just one of Adam's brothers coming to hang out!

Adam looking out the window.
But wait!
He sees some kids coming our way!

I got to hand out candy! very dorky fashion...I tallied the numbers of kids that came. There were about 19 kids that came. But only in like 5 groups.

The doorbell rang again and it was our nephew and another of Adam's brothers! He got a special treat bag I made up just for him. They were ghostbusters...obviously!

The very cool "Proton Pack" they made!
Overall, it was a very fun Halloween. I wish that we had more trick-or-treaters, but maybe with time we will get more as word gets out there are actually people living in our house and not ghosts!