Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overheard in Preschool Part 2

My kiddos sure keep me entertained! I had to definitely post this one for Erin!


Me: "Next week there is no school! We will stay home for 9 days. Well, I will be here on Monday and Tuesday. I will meet with some of your parents!"

Random Students:
"What about mine?"

Student 1: "Will you meet with my mom and dad?"

Me: "No. Actually they didn't turn in the paper".

Student 1: "But my mom is pumping."

Me: "....Your mom is what?"

Student 1: "My mom is pumping. For my baby sister."

Me: "Oh. So that's why she couldn't turn in the paper?"

Student 1: "Yes........It takes a lot of time."

Student 2: "When my aunt had a baby she had a lot of milk right here! (pointing to stomach)"

Me: " let's sing about the days of the week..."