Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

After going to bed at 2:30 on Christmas Eve....

Because after finally saying goodbye to family, I realized I forgot to make French Toast Casserole for Christmas morning and had to make it....

We woke up and had Christmas for the two of us.

We are buying an extra freezer as our Christmas gift to each other, but we still did smaller gifts. We were supposed to stick about $30, but I overbought on gifts and while wrapping I texted Adam and asked, "Did you stick to the $30?" and he said "No" so I just wrapped all my gifts too!

I just love looking at the tree with all the presents. Most of these went to his brother's house for Christmas with his family. It is so fun to shop for other people and think about how excited they will be when they open their presents. I love finding the perfect gift!

My Nativity Scene again. Did I post it before? I just love it!

Christmas morning in OUR house!

Though she makes me crazy, I still did a stocking for Fudgie. I got her a Christmas tree with catnip in it that she is dragging around the house when we aren't looking. And a remote controlled mouse. Best. Gift. Ever. Video will definitely be coming soon.

After opening Just Dance 2 and squealing, we did a dance together and then rushed around getting ready, baking the French Toast Casserole, and getting ready to head to his brother's house for Christmas with his family.

We definitely had the most presents for Christmas with Adam's family. 2 kids there (and 1 nephew we mailed presents to and 1 we did the night before), Dad, step-Mom, aunt and the bros and significant others made for a lot of presents! For the brothers and their significant others, we all pick a name. It was decided years ago that it would be better to shop for one person and spend more money than buy for 8 other people and not be able to buy as nice of a gift. A couple years ago I suggested that the girls pick a girl and the boys pick a boy, because it is so much more fun to shop for one of my sister-in-law than a brother-in-law! Though.....I do that shopping anyway too!

The tree with all the presents!

I had Jessica as my person. I got her a sign to put in the front yard with a Dachshund on it and was very creative with the wrapping. Everyone kept calling it the plunger!

It was fun seeing the girls open all their gifts and get excited like they were little kids. They both got eReaders and I am a bit envious!

My super cool cake pan that can make any letter or any numbers! I am definitely the family cake maker now!

After a yummy breakfast and opening lots of presents, we headed to my parents house in the afternoon to do presents with my immediate family.

The tree there was also a little out of control considering there were only 5 of us opening gifts! But we all love Christmas and buying for each other!

The special gift we got for my parents. Except it didn't come in it. So....
We wrapped up an IOU and made a big deal about taking a picture with them and it....
But all it was was a piece of paper!

My sis excited about the hat I knitted for her!
We had an amazing Christmas Day and feel so blessed to have all of the family we have in our lives. We made sure to remember and pray for those who don't have or are not with their families during the holidays and that they remember they are loved too.