Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with Family by Love

As is our tradition since as long as I can remember, we have celebrated a special Christmas with Amy and her family. I am pretty sure I have posted about this before...but our moms went to college together and they are our family by love.

This year was my mom's turn to host, but because I love having people over, I volunteered our house as part of the rotation!

Once again, my sister stepped in and helped me clean and prepare for the evening. Of course, Adam did too, but she rocks in the kitchen!

The token view from each end of the table

After a yummy dinner of home made spaghetti sauce (provided by their family), salad, and stuffed cheesy garlic bread (YUM!), we headed to the family room to chat and open presents.

First we watched Doug's movie he made for his class this semester. He is going into film (producing? directing? editing?) and is super talented. He is going to be famous one day.

Adam and me with all our presents.

The girls!

I made Amy a scarf for Christmas in her favorite color.
.....Though...I didn't quite finish in time.
So she got a scarf with knitting needles in it still!

I think this was one of the coolest gifts. A pillow with a hole in it to put your drink! Genius!

My sis was totally obsessed with the yoga mat she got!

Of course, we had yummy desserts after opening presents!

We are so lucky to not only have wonderful family in our lives, but also friends who are just like family.