Saturday, December 11, 2010

The One Where I Stick My Hand in a Turkey's Butt

Finally! It is my Thanksgiving post!

We hosted Thanksgiving this year for Adam's family. We have been promising one of his sisters-in-law for the last few years that as soon as we were living in the house, we would host. So Thanksgiving was calling our name!

I wasn't too worried about hosting my first Thanksgiving except for the size of our oven. Because our oven is seriously small! We decided to cook two turkeys: one on the grill and one deep fried to keep the oven free. I spent the night before doing most of my prep and making everything I could. One of Adam's nieces came over and helped me prepare so much of the food.

The other thing I wasn't so sure about?

Preparing the turkey.

Because I never really gave it any attention before.

But I knew I was supposed to pull some bags of turkey parts out. So I called my mom and asked her about what I was supposed to be doing.

Me: "Mom, what do you do with the neck (as I pulled it out)? Seriously you use this?"
Mom: "Yes, I cook it for several hours and put it in the gravy."
Me: "Adam doesn't believe me. Aren't there other some more parts or bags or something?"
Mom: "Yes. Did you check the other hole?"
Me: "There's another...EEEEWWW. THAT'S JUST WRONG! I SHOULD NOT BE STICKING MY HAND IN A TURKEY'S Butt! (Sigh) So you just boil these things?"
Mom: "Yes, but take them out of the bag first. And wash the turkey."
Me: "Thanks Mom."

The turkey was cracking me up. Turkeys are such weird pieces of meat.

But retrieving those parts totally creeped me out!

Zowie, Adam's niece, came up Thanksgiving morning again to help me. She worked on setting the table for us. Thanks goodness. I never would have gotten everything done without her!
We were having Thanksgiving at 1:00 since one of Adam's brother's had to get to Iowa for his girlfriend's family's Thanksgiving. There was a TON to do, but we got it all done!

The guests started arriving. Chase got there in Adam's sweater. Yup. That was Adam's the week before. But I washed it. And dried it. And now it is Chase's.

Both the turkeys turned out! Grilling and deep frying were both successes!

The dining room table all set! I loved how it looked with the black and red.

Each place setting. I am so excited we got to use our China! Also, I made little favors you can see in the corner.

I tried to get Chase to eat the drumstick. He was a bit frightened by it. But it was a funny picture!

Everyone getting all of their food. There was SO MUCH food to eat!
We had a phenominal Thanksgiving together. So much good food and loving family!

WHAT? I have all these dishes to do?????

The dessert table! We watched a movie to let our food settle and then busted into the desserts! I made French Silk Pie, Ice Cream Jello, and Strawberrylicious Choc Cheesecake.
How was your Thanksgiving? Did you make anything new and exciting?