Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bow Hangers and Sewing Lessons

Oh! Hello!

First! If you are reading in a reader? I have a new header and sidebar and I am excited about them. So go check them out!

I am finally getting around to posting about these adorable bow hangers I made for Erin's girls for Christmas! Well, maybe I shouldn't call them adorable since I made them and that seems to be tooting my own horn, but I didn't design them, so then I think it is OK. Because seriously? I want one. But I don't really have a lot of bows. And that might be weird in a married woman's bedroom.

The super talented Kristin designed them and she happily and generously shared the instructions with me when I drooled over the ones she made for little Layla.

See? They are bow hangers! For a little girl's bows. Or the bows of two little girls!

It took a couple minutes to explain to Adam what they were for and why they were important. He gets it now. I think. But he IS one of 5 boys, so I give him a break when he doesn't get stuff like....bows.

I found adorable owl ribbon that just HAD to be incorporated into their bow hangers. I picked coordinating but different paper for the background because I want the girls to know I picked different ones for each of them. I hope they fit well in their room!

Evelyn's bow hanger.
(I swear the flowers aren't so brightly colored in real life. But now that I have uploaded it and noticed I don't much feel like re-editing it and re-uploading it. So there you have neon flowers.)

Charlotte's bow hanger

The little bows I made to go on the bow hangers.
Kristin shared with me this awesome
felt flower tutorial and I made each of the girls one felt flower. I also found this clippie tutorial and made each of them one of those too. Now we just have to wait until they have enough hair to clip them to!

That same night after I finished my photo session with the bow hangers, I received a sewing lesson from my sister. One of my bridal shower gifts from her was an adorable sewing kit and 3 sewing lessons.
I pretty much have no sewing skills. In fact I had two pairs of work pants that had the little clasps fall off and when I showed my mom the conversation went like this:
Me: Gah! The clasps fell off both of these pants and I need them for work.
Mom: I can show you how to fix them.
Me: ------(silence)------- Oh.....I need to learn how to do that?
So when my sister was home for winter break we had our first lesson. And gosh darn it! By the end of that lesson I had the clasps sewn back on my pants. And I have worn them both and they are still on there. I even had her draw little pictures for me to remind me what to do. We'll see if that works when it comes time to do it myself. I wonder what project will be next!?

See my adorable sewing kit!
I have been very busy with crafty projects in the last few days and I look forward to showing them to you soon! What have you been working on? I love to see new ideas! Especially if you share the hows!