Sunday, January 02, 2011

Family Wine Tasting

Last week my family went to a local wine bar to do a tasting and hang out. It was the same place we went for my dad's surprise 50th birthday party last year (cause now it's 2011!). My mom, sister and I tried their special tasting for the night. It was 6 wines for $10 and they were really fancy wines. I've never tried an $85/bottle wine before! It was....fine. I am more of a sweet wine kind of girl, but I AM branching out. I enjoyed trying the different wines I wouldn't have tried normally. Adam had a Riesling flight and we found a yummy new Riesling there that we liked. My dad had a red wine flight and enjoyed some yummy wines that he likes.

It was a fun night to spend together as a family and I really don't want my sister to go back to NY! I am loving having her here!!!

As you can see....
I have been playing with Picasa more. I'd really like to learn more about photo editing and Picasa is pretty neat for a free program. If anyone has any Picasa tips and tricks, I'd love to hear them. I love looking at photos on blogs with neat lighting and edits....but most of those people use Lightroom at least and I am on the free track right now! Any one out there with any neat tips or tricks for Picasa??