Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Life With Cats

So my previous titles of "Fudgie the Evil Cat" doesn't really fit this post.

So here I go with some cat stories

First of all....Fudgie and I have been getting along better lately. Really it has to more with her not hating my guts so much. Or at least not showing it as much. She even laid on me one day over winter break while I was reading.

However, she has started something new that I am not so find of.

I like to call it "Where's Fudgie?". It is kind of like "Where's Waldo?".

She likes to climb on our built in bookshelves in the office and walk around on the shelves. At first I thought it was funny. She gets up there and sits next to a bunch of knick knacks and tries to blend in.

But then she started knocking stuff. And I didn't think it was funny anymore.

So I'll probably bust out the squirt bottle next time.

But the first few times? I took pictures.

So are you ready to play????

You have 2 seconds to glance at a picture and try to find the cat! Then move on to the next one.

There she is!
As for my next story....this really happened last Friday. But it almost happened again today.

Rewind to Friday. I was getting ready for my Tastefully Simple party. The consultant was there and I was running around finishing last minute things before guests arrived. Oh yeah. And Adam was in Michigan snowmobiling for 5 days.

Well actually I need to rewind a little further and explain that we have Fudgie as our inside cat, but we also have 2 outside cats. Charcoal and Meower. Yes, those are their names. Along with Fudgie (I didn't name them). Charcoal and Meower like to be outside and they only live outside unless it is really cold and then we let them stay in the cellar. So they have been in the cellar recently.
Fast forward to Friday night....
Again, I am running around finishing up and I hear this loud meowing. So I look around and say, "Fudgie, what's the matter?". She isn't there. But the meowing is super loud. I look down on the floor of the dining room where there is a large grate on the floor for the return vent. And there is a cat face pressed up against the vent, meowing loudly. "Charcoal????"
And then the panic commenced. Why did I panic? I don't really know! But I did! I didn't know what to do. How did she get in the vent? I ran for the phone and tried to call Adam but dialed the number wrong. Meanwhile Fudgie came over and they were hissing at each other.
BTW....hissing cats freak me out.

The Tastefully Simple lady said, "Does the grate come up?"

So I pulled the grate up and pulled Charcoal out. She hissed at me once so I dropped her and she ran off. I started calling her to try to get her out the back door. But she ran right for the cellar door and I let her down.

And all was good.

But I didn't take any pictures. And I was a bit shaky for a while.

But was really bummed I didn't take any pictures.

Never fear! Apparently she did it again! This afternoon I heard some thunking in the vent and THERE she was. (Adam has a new project to work on now. Operation: Block off the vent).

And I took pictures this time!

She was shy from the camera. But you can see her face on the right side of the vent.

Pulling the vent off

Fudgie watching the whole thing
Happy Tuesday!