Sunday, January 23, 2011

Valentine's Day Decorations

Inspired by Kristin, I decided to follow this tutorial to make some adorable Valentine's Day Xs and Os decorations!

My tips:
-Use scrapbook paper with more color and less white. The marbles stand out better.
-The frames are from the Dollar Tree, but watch out that the stand on the back really stands up.
-The best deal on marbles (thanks to Kristin) is from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon (They have them every other week usually).
-I did use the E6000 glue and it was super easy to use. I tried using hot glue, but I do not have a good enough eye to put it in the right place the first time around!
-Definitely buy marbles and don't try to use the flat "pebbles" from the Dollar Tree to save money. They just don't fit together right!
Marbles-$3 (I spent more the first time around because before getting the HL tip, I went to Michael's and the bag is a lot smaller. I needed 1 3/4 bags). But if you go to HL the total is $1.80 ($2.99 x 40% off) for one bag that will do all of them.
Paper-$0 I used paper I already had, but if you had to buy it, the most you would spend is .59 each, but I never do that because I wait for a sale or use at least a 20% off coupon (they have them a couple times a month).
Frames-$4 ($1 each) I used 5x7 frames
Glue-approx $3? I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I used a 40% off coupon (they have them every week)
Total: $10 (but the frames and glue will definitely be used again!)
After doing that project, and having leftover marbles, I got inspired to do another one!
I used the same idea, but instead used black and white heart paper for our black and white dining room. I'm just going to leave these up for Valentine's Day.

Marbles-$1.80 (used HL ones this time)
Paper-$0 I used paper I already had
Frames-$3 ($1 each) I used 4x6 frames because I wanted this to be smaller
Glue-I used leftover glue!
Total: $4.80 (and there's leftover marbles and glue still!)
These really didn't take that long to make. The most time drawing the lines for the Xs because I am a perfectionist and wanted them to look even. But I discovered that they don't have to be perfectly even to look good. One of my Os actually looks like the start of a Q and you can't even tell!