Monday, February 07, 2011

Randomness and Reasons I Like My House

Here are some random things:

One day (recently) on the way to work (I was driving that day) I noticed a red cardinal in the tree at the end of the street. I hadn't seen one before at the house, so I reversed up the street to take some pictures. I took about 10 pictures. But I will just show you one. Isn't he pretty?

More randomness....
The Friday before the Bears/Packers game, we had a spirit day at school. And because I love to jump on a fun bandwagon, I asked Adam to borrow his Bears jersey. But he told me I had to be very careful with it and I couldn't get it messy.

But I had to paint penguins for a game we were playing.

So I put on a yellow smock (one of the kids') to paint my penguins.

Also, I have been thinking about some reasons that I like living in our house better than my townhouse:

1. When I decorate for a holiday I can actually enjoy it and I don't feel super crowded with the decorations out on tables and on walls. And I LOVE decorating for holidays. And we can have a big, real, Christmas tree. And I totally heart Christmas.

2. When I do laundry, I don't have to try to remember to catch the wash before the rinse cycle and go add fabric softener. But then forget. And have to restart the rinse cycle over after the wash is done so I can add the softener. I can put it in all at once.

3. Speaking of laundry....I can hang my clothes to dry on a pole over my washer and dryer and not on my shower curtain and then have so many clothes on it that it falls down or there's not enough room to close the curtain to shower.

4. I can walk to work. I mean, I could walk to work before (and did in the spring), but it was like 10-15 minutes. But now, it's literally across our field.

5. We don't have to play a game we affectionately called "Cardango" (where one has to pull out one car to pull the other in the garage and vice versa when you want to get out) because there was a one car driveway and garage.

6. There is a place for pretty much everything. I like when things have a place. (Though there are still catch-all rooms through the remodeling, everything WILL have a place).

7. We can easily have people over without feeling crowded. We can even host comfortable large family gatherings. And I LOVE to have people over.

8. There's more room to cook. And bake. Albeit, not a ton. But more than I had!

9. There's lots of space for books on our bookshelves. And for pictures. And I LOVE pictures. I love to have them everywhere.

10. It is OURS. Though it was "Adam's" before, we have renovated, designed and decorated together. And it feels like OURS.

Things I don't like so much:

1. I don't have a garage. And that is not fun. And I seriously hate walking through snow to get to my car early in the morning and scraping off my car. But luckily my husband is awesome and scrapes it off most of the time.

2. It is cold. Very cold. It is an old house. And then we turn the heat up. And it's not so cold. But then the gas bill is VERY expensive.

3. There is too much house to clean. And I'm not the best housekeeper in the world. I like it to be clean. I just have trouble finding the time to do it. And the baseboards are always dusty. We have a lot of baseboards. Who has time to dust baseboards? And the hair on the bathroom floor??? How do I even have hair on my head??

What do you love or not love about your house?