Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chocolate Tour in the City

Last summer I bought a Groupon for a Chicago Chocolate Tours. We scheduled it for December because that was the deadline. But then something came up. I don't remember what now. But then we were able to reschedule it before the deadline for sometime in the future. So we randomly picked April 16th! If it had been last weekend, it would have been the most beautiful day ever. Instead, it was rainy and CRAZY windy and just plain yucky. But we still had a blast! I would totally recommend it to someone as a fun, different thing to do on a weekend. I am not usually a HUGE sweets person, but the things we tried were really yummy.
A view of the "awesome" weather we had

Our first stop was Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland. We tried A-MAZ-ING champagne truffles. They are made with real Dom Perignon and shipped from Switzerland every week. But they were quite expensive. We bought a few, but they were way beyond our normal sweet budget!

Our next stop was More Cupcakes. YUM! We all know cupcakes all still all the rage. And these were totally drool worthy. We tried a chocolate/chocolate cupcake and then Adam and I left with a sample pack of a few mini cupcakes because we couldn't decide which ones we would like! Also, as you can see, I wore my coat the whole time. Don't you hate when you wear cute clothes and then you can't tell because you are wearing your ugly waterproof coat? No?

Next we stopped at Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafters. Oh. My. Goodness. The smell. The taste. The bread. The chocolate croissant we ate was yummy. But. The. Bread. Wow. It didn't have chocolate so it technically didn't belong on the tour, but they gave us a sample. Just Wow. Their bread is baked with 4 ingredients-salt, water, flour and yeast. No sugar. No preservatives. Just those 4 ingredients. Yum! We also tried a Li├Ęge waffle, which is more like a pastry than what we consider a Belgian waffle. Also super yummy! Oh yeah. And we also tried a dark chocolate Belgian cake. Super rich. This place just threw the samples at us!

After that we went to Sarah's Pastries & Candies. Adam loved the peanut butter crunch bar thing we had. I am not really a huge fan of crunch in my chocolate in the form of crisped rice. But I did like the "delight" which is pictures above. Nuts and chocolate. Yum! The amazing thing at this place? Sarah the owner is just 30!

Our last stop was at Argo Tea. We had warm red velvet tea and a dark chocolate cake. The tea was yummy. Adam said it wasn't really his cup of tea. Ha! But I enjoyed it. It didn't really taste much like tea. It was more like a hot chocolate.

Throughout the tour we also learned a lot about the history of chocolate and fun facts about chocolate. It was pretty interesting! Again, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something fun to do in the city. But definitely better using some sort of coupon, because I love a deal!