Monday, April 11, 2011

Christmas Present is IN!

If you remember, for Christmas, Adam and I got my mom and dad an IOU. We didn't tell them what it was for because we wanted the impact of the surprise. FINALLY...the day I arrived back from NY, we got the call it was in. So we went right over to pick it up. After going to the Sprint store to yell and cry about my new Blackberry's screen breaking, of course. Then we went to Mom and Dad's to give it to them! All before I even stopped at home.

We got them a mini parent album (8x8) of our album! My mom's reaction was more than we ever could have hoped for when we squealed outloud! At that point, our album still hadn't even come in. But now it has! It came in last weekend and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I could look at it every day. But I am so worried about it getting damaged!