Thursday, April 07, 2011

House Update-The Back Room

The Back Room is mostly done! What is a "Back Room" you ask? It is a room in the back of the house! I don't know why it is called that. But it is. It is actually the room behind the kitchen. I would call it next to the kitchen. But it is the room farthest back from the front door. For months and months it was a catch all room because it is one of the two rooms without hardwood. So when everything needed to be cleared out to have the floors refinished, everything went in there. It kind of stayed as a catch all. It was also one of the rooms that had the ceiling redone because of raccoons. And part of the wall still needed to be repaired. And one wall still had palm trees on it! We just put a new door in about a month ago, because the old one actually didn't do anything in terms of keeping cold air out. You could practically stick your hand through next to it! The door is currently blue. But that will change!
This is the Back Room about 6 weeks ago!

This is the Back Room now!

Yes, it has a bike in it. And some construction stuff for the bathroom. But for the most part, it looks like a room! We still need to figure out what we are hanging on the walls in here and where. The choices are all sitting on the table, I just haven't made those decisions yet! We'll just have to see when Mom and Dad are free!