Sunday, April 03, 2011

House Update-Who Are Those People?

A couple weeks ago, my parents came over to help us hang more picture frames and decorate the office. We tried to do it ourselves like grown ups, but just couldn't make any decisions about where things looked good without their input! We ran out of picture hanging hooks and so we didn't quite finish hanging everything. And now...finally....weeks later....we finished! The only problem? I don't actually have photos in the frames yet! I wanted to figure out where everything looks good and then figure out what pictures I want to put in them. If you came here, you would walk around the house asking, "Who ARE those people?"! A couple weeks ago we also went on a hunt for a bench for the foyer. Adam REALLY wanted a place to sit when he put on his shoes and because it is such a big open area, it really needed something. We hunted and hunted and finally found the best deal for what we liked at...Target! Big surprise, huh? I never go to Target. =) I am a Target gift card hoarder so I had enough cards to use to buy the bench too! We used all of the Target cards we got for the wedding and showers, but for some reason I hoard the ones I get as gifts myself. But I am getting better about spending them now!

The Foyer

The Office

One of the things we had always planned to get after the wedding was one of those photo canvases. We finally ordered it about a month ago and we are THRILLED with how it turned out. I even got a Groupon for it and it was an AWESOME deal. We have a little "Wedding Display" area in our office. The only problem? It is behind my desk so my back is to it most of the time. Bah! I just turn around a lot though. We also have framed flowers from our wedding that were preserved and a framed invitation that was a wedding gift. On the perpendicular wall is a shadow box I made and some picture frames for the bridal party.

The Upstairs Hallway

You will notice a picture frame on the floor. We are looking for a little table to fit in the corner there and the picture frame will go on the table. Also, it is a really big area and needs something to fill up the space. I have been hunting for something that fits the space and our budget. No luck yet.

The Upstairs Hallway Bathroom and the Extra Bedroom I wanted to show you this that is in our hallway bathroom (the only working bathroom now). It was in the bathroom at my parents house growing up and I think it is so cute! We also have a lot of favorite pictures up in the extra bedroom (also known as the Amy V room).

The Stairway Going Up

As part of our photography package, we ordered a 16x20 wedding party photo so you could actually see the many people in our wedding party. It didn't fit anywhere in the office, but we really struggled because we love it and wanted it to be visible downstairs. We decided in the little landing going upstairs was perfect!

So those are the updated decorations around the house. Every time we hang something like that I get really excited. I love seeing the house become more and more like a home every time something gets accomplished. It is an easy way to put a smile on my face!