Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Was Spring!

Last weekend, when the weather was amazing, I also did some fun outside stuff! Not only did I do my reading for school outside, LOVE the sun! I also was able to repot some of my inside plants outside and enjoy the sun. For my birthday last year, Kristin, got me a calla plant. It was so pretty, but then it died in the fall. I watered it all winter because I was sad it died. But then...suddenly 2 months ago....it started sprouting. It was so healthy and beautiful. But then all of the stems fell over. They wouldn't stand up. And SO many were growing. After consulting Amy, I realized I needed to repot it deeper and split it so they had more room to grow. I also staked them up to help them from breaking off from leaning over. The one in the green pot still doesn't look so hot. But the others look like they are getting stronger! I want them to be beautiful and healthy again! We also hung up the birdhouse we got from my dad's cousin Doris and family for our wedding. I hope some birds make their home in there! We had put up a bird feeder a couple days before, but the squirrels attacked it and bent it and took ALL of the seeds. So no more using that bird feeder. I need a new, squirrel proof bird feeder!