Friday, May 13, 2011

The Squirrels Have Gone Crazy!

Recently I posted about all of the fun we had on a nice weekend and included our bird feeder issues.

We realized we couldn't hang the bird feeder from the pump house, because it was WAY too easy for the squirrels to get to it. They literally emptied it in a day. So not cool.

We decided to try to help the situation by putting them on a shepherds crook in the middle of the yard. A really skinny pole. In the middle of nothing.

The bird seed (over a week later) has about 1/4 left. Way better than before.

But still....

The crazy squirrels got to it.


One crazy squirrel.

I have a theory that all of the squirrels in the neighborhood had a contest to see who could get to it.

Only one red-tailed squirrel won.

The others hang out. Wait underneath. And reap the rewards of this crazy teenage squirrel who has no fear.

Here is a video of the super talented and crazy squirrel!

Here are some photos:

The poor bird is wondering why he doesn't get a chance at the food!

I guess a real squirrel proof feeder is in my future! We had dinner with my in-laws for Mother's Day and they have several bird feeders. They talked about different options. My birthday is coming soon, so I am crossing my fingers!