Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Week and Missing My Sister

During my birthday week in May, my sister and her boyfriend were in town. She was home for a few days after she finished her semester. Then she flew to CA to visit our grandparents and her boyfriend Wael (who lives in Egypt) met her there. They spent a week there and then came back here together for a few days before heading back to Egypt for the summer. She is there all summer and then goes back to NYC to finish her last semester of Grad School. After that? Who knows! Somewhere abroad I am sure.

Since my sister will be gone all summer for her birthday, we decided to have a birthday celebration together. It was hard to pick a place we both agreed on. Indian was her choice. Italian was mine. So we compromised on Japanese! We also thought it would be neat for Wael to experience a Japanese "chop chop restaurant" during his second visit to the US (his first being our wedding).

Our Chef

The Family

We also went to a Cubs game that week because we wanted to give Wael that experience as well! After much arranging and planning of transportation and meeting spots, all 6 of us ended up in Chicago for the Cubs game.

It was a REALLY warm day and I ended up being COMPLETELY underdressed for the cold evening. I just had a lightweight sweatshirt and super thin rain coat. I was one chilly girl. Luckily my mom had a heavier sweatshirt and a winter jacket, so she shared the sweatshirt with me.

The *drunk* guy next to us really wanted me to take a picture of his nachos

Unfortunately....or fortunately....
The game got rained out. It ended up raining for several innings, but in the top of the 7th they put the game on hold. We didn't even get to sing the 7th Inning Stretch! Poor Wael....he missed a fun tradition. Don't be too worried though. My mom, dad, and sister sang it for him. We had quite the debate about how long to wait to see if the game resumed. But considering it was already after 9:00 and an employee said it takes 30 minutes to roll up the tarp IF they decide to resume it....we decided to head home.

It was a fun game and a fun night with family even if it did get rained out. I was lucky enough to see my sister one more time before she headed to Africa for the summer. The night before she left I had parent/teacher conference until 8:00 and was just beat. She and Wael stopped by for about 30 minutes after my conferences just to hang out and see them one last time.

Rumor is he may come back for a visit for Christmas so I am excited to have an opportunity to spend more time with him. She won't be back in the country until school starts in August. And we won't see her until September. Insert sad face here. But the awesome thing is that she got a Blackberry to carry with her abroad and we can BBM any time we want. Well...not so much ANY time we want because there is a 7 hour time difference. But it is super awesome!