Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our New Neighbors

I'm back! Though I am slowly attacking my Reader.

I opened it up 2 days ago and it said....


So I quickly hit the red X and logged onto Twitter.

But I am going to try to start attacking it little by little. Sorry for any "Marked as Read" that I just have to do!

I started putting these photos and videos into a slideshow about a month ago, but then got distracted by the craziness of the end of the school year and taking two classes at once. Which by the way are done. YAY! But I still don't have grades for 3 projects or the final grade. They better all be A's!

Anyway...this post is about our new neighbors.

We came home after a friends birthday party about 2:00 am one night in May to find a Mama raccoon and 3 babies scurrying up our Oak tree in front of the house. They were obviously frightened by us. The babies were really little! It was neat to see the Mama Raccoon come down the tree and carry her babies up one by one. The video, however, is too dark to make out.

The next day I was doing homework at home when I heard something on the front porch. There was the Mama! It was still light out and yet she was out scouting for food. I was intrigued by watching her interact with her babies. I took far too many pictures and way too much video....hence the 3 minute slideshow below. But I do think it is something neat for my preschoolers to see and I am going to show them this week at summer school.

If you are interested in watching a Mama raccoon interact with and protect her babies, enjoy the slideshow!

The raccoons are bold! I thought raccoons were supposed to be nocturnal? Maybe it gets late too late for them now. Because they wander around long before the sun goes down. They are pesky and destructive...but the babies are oh so cute!

So for now our new neighbors are the raccoons living in the tree right in front of our house. Until Adam gets fed up and decides to put them in a better place....I'd prefer the trap them and drive them 50 miles away method myself. But we shall see....
As long as they stay out of our attic, I'm not too upset!