Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome Grady and Happy Birthday Layla!

Not only did I have a fun birthday week because my sister was in town, but my friend Kristin welcomed her new bundle of joy on my birthday!

I was very lucky to be able to visit him on his second day on in this world. I visited them in the hospital and got to hold the incredibly sweet baby Grady. I just wanted to eat him up! Holding a tiny baby like that is just pure joy!

And of course it was wonderful to see big sister Layla as well! She was pretty proud of her new little brother.

Welcome to the world Grady! I am happy I got to meet you!

In other news, big sister Layla turned 3 at the beginning of the month! Her party was last weekend and it was a wonderful Pinkalicious celebration!

Kristin, ever the hostess and party planner, had all kinds of adorable and cute touches. Unfortunately I don't have ANY pictures of the party! I helped Kristin out by taking pictures on her camera so she could enjoy the party with her new big girl 3 year old while also worrying about her tiny little guy. I didn't mind because I LOVE playing with her fancy camera.

I would love to have me a nice camera like that. Our plan is to get one when we have kids so that we have the latest and greatest technology for a camera crazy girl like me! For now, I will "help" Kristin by taking pictures when she needs it while enjoying the fancy camera myself!