Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Best Friend

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or have hung out with me anytime recently, you are well aware that my house had no air conditioning. Had you ask? Yes. Had. As in the past. Which is the whole point of this post because I HAVE AIR NOW AND MY LIFE IS NOW COMPLETE. (Yes, caps were completely necessary).

Until this week, we had no AC at our house. It was pretty much miserable.

See that guy above? That is how I felt all the time.

We couldn't even have a bunch of window units because our electrical service was so old and couldn't support them. But that is where having an electrician for a husband comes in handy. He has been working all summer to make it compatible.

We are also very lucky that Adam's great-grandpa, back in the 30s, decided to put in forced air heat instead of the standard radiator heat that is usually in old houses. If he hadn't done that with all the duct work, etc, we never would be able to even consider central air now. Glad he took on that remodel project. Thanks Great-Grandpa T!

How do you know when your house is the hottest ever?
When the heat index is over 100 and it feels better to go OUTSIDE than it does to walk INSIDE.
When you look at your garden that makes you money and say, "Sorry little plants" because there is no way you are going outside and watering them.
When you hate to have air movement on your skin and you have a fan blowing straight on you from about 6 inches away.
When you don't sleep for 3 nights straight because it is too hot to do anything and the 1 window unit you have sounds like a cross between a bad refrigerator and a motorcycle.
When it is pointless to put makeup on because it melts off within 5 seconds.
When you look across your dining room and this is the mirage you see...
This week, however, my every dream came true! WE GOT CENTRAL AIR! It was Wednesday morning. I had just woken up from the 3rd night in a row of oh about.....3 hours of sleep. I was crabby and hot and had a project to work on. But then this wonderful man came and knocked and the door and said his work was finished. He pushed a button....

...and it was magical.

Cold air was coming out of my vents! I literally stood on top of one for a few minutes.

It was truly glorious.

This is my new best friend:
Along with the man who installed it. I texted Adam and told him I might have to kiss the man on the mouth and he'd just have to be OK with it.

This is how I feel now:

Yes, when it is 115 with the heat index, it only gets down to about 82 upstairs. But 82 feels glorious to me!