Saturday, July 23, 2011

Vacation Food Needs its Own Post

I figured that the our vacation food deserved its own post. I love taking pictures of yummy food. Another thing that Adam is used to now!

We went to the Grand Wok at MGM one night for dinner. There was nothing without meat so I asked the waitress. She made me tofu pad thai and it was great! We mentioned it was our anniversary and she brought us out some sort of mango dessert. It was very different, but yummy!

The night we went to Lion King we went to T&T (Tacos and Tequila) at the Luxor. I had AMAZING cheese enchiladas. They were truly yummy!

The next day while walking the strip we stopped for some self-serve frozen yogurt. I have never been to a place like that, but it was great! You picked your frozen yogurt and whatever toppings you wanted. They just weigh it and that's how much you get charged! I loved my vanilla with fruit tasty treat!

Our last night for dinner we went to the steakhouse in the Luxor, Tender. We normally would not hit up such an extravagant restaurant (I can be more than a little frugal), but because we sat through a timeshare presentation (we said no) we got $150 in dining and gambling vouchers (also how we got the cheap tickets to terrible Criss Angel).

I started with a spinach and arugula salad that also had feta and craisins with toasted almonds. Yum!

Adam had a sirloin steak. he also got mashed potatoes and asparagus (you know, $10 each extra). The potatoes and asparagus were yummy too!

But the coup de gras of the evening (possibly the whole trip) was my cheese platter.

Oh the cheese platter....

When we decided to try out the restuarant we looked at the menu to see if there was anything I could eat. A cheese platter? I have always wanted to try a cheese platter! I was excited about it for days!

I got to pick out 5 kinds of cheese out of about 8 chocies. The waiter helped me make my choices. I have never met a cheese I don't like, so I was pretty confident I would like anything I choose!

My choices:
-Purple Moon Cheddar: Fiscalini farms, San Joaquin Valley, California – cabernet sauvignon soaked and moderately sharp sweetnes
-Mine Shafts Blue: Cedar Ridge, Rocklin, California – savory, full flavored, gold-mine aged Roquefort style bleu-vein
-Bermuda Triangle Goat: Cypress Grove Chevre, McKinleyville, California – soft-ripened, double-rinded with earthy yet mild truffle-like finish
-Marieke Gouda: Holland’s Family Farm, Thorpe, Wisconsin – slightly nutty and creamy
-Mouco Colorouge Camembert-style:Mouco Cheese Company, Fort Collins, Colorado – washed rind, soft interior with complex flavors

As you can see I enjoyed my cheese platter quite a bit! I would definitely do that again. I loved every single one of them.

I didn't mean to post this yet, but I hit post, so I guess here it goes!

I loved everything we tried in Las Vegas! Even if it is a bit pricey, we got some yummy foods. And I love yummy food!