Friday, August 12, 2011

Visitors and "When Are You Having Kids?"

2 weeks ago my college girlfriends came over with their families. It was a great get together as it always is. They are really the best friends. We are all in various stages of our lives. Kristin is married with 2 kids. Katie is married with little Zander. Adam and I are (obviously) married. And Amanda is dating a great guy.

We met for dinner and then came back to our house for hanging out and dessert!

Layla and Zander wanted to go outside to pick some veggies. Along the way, we encountered Adam's snowmobile and Zander was in love. Doesn't everyone keep their snowmobile outside with weeds growing around it???

After coming back in, the kids really wanted to find the outside cats! Unfortunately the outside cats were not cooperating!

The Grady enjoyed himself as well (I think)! I enjoyed getting to hold him!

It was so fun to see the kids running around the house. It was seriously a blast. I loved hanging out with my girlfriends while the kids were running around and playing. It just seemed so natural and comfortable (if that makes sense???).

It ties in with the question that everyone asks a married couple, about 60 minutes after getting married, "When are you having kids?". Maybe about 5 minutes after you get married. Well it actually starts when you even think about getting married. Dude! We want to be married for a bit before kids! It is OK to ask. But some people are all shocked when you say you want to wait!

Sometimes, like when the kids were running around the house and it felt so natural, I think, "Maybe this is a good time!" But really, we want to enjoy our time married first. We know that your life changes completely (in a good way!) when you have kids, but for now, we want to enjoy our time the two of us. Also? I'd really like to have more of the house finished before we start a family. For two reasons. It stinks to have 2 bathrooms and 2 rooms under construction. Obviously we aren't going to wait for the house to be DONE. There are never ending huge projects that we need to do. But I'd really like to have main rooms not under construction! We had said we'd redo the kitchen before we had kids. But I'm thinking that is not going to happen. It is fine enough for now! While we are doing these huge projects all the time, it is like we are wringing our paychecks out into the house. I know everyone says there is no good time to have kids. You never have enough money. You never at at the perfect time. But right now? It is a bad time. So for now we will enjoy our time together and love on our friends' kids (and I will pin adorable baby stuff on Pinterest!) And don't worry, if you ask when we are having kids, I won't get mad!