Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Week's Farm Update

I am about a week behind in posting my updated pictures of our gardens, but it has been a busy week! Our vegetable garden is winding down for the season, but the pumpkins are just starting to show off their stuff! We have had a very successful year in the garden this year. Though we were really behind planting our vegetable garden because I was taking 2 classes in the spring, we had some great success with most of our vegetables. 

One of our varieties of tomato plants has produced many yummy tomatoes. One still only has green tomatoes on it. Hm. Not sure what happened there.

Our yellow onions are our other not as successful plant. They seemed to be slow growing, but they still do have some time.

We had NO problems growing zucchini (or squash) this year! Here are two crazy huge zucchinis that are over ripe, but they are the length of a tall baby!

We had great cucumbers this year. We planted 3 varieties and 2 of them were wonderful. I am figuring out which ones I like better for slicing, pickling and which are better for dill and sweet pickles!

Our cantaloupe are pretty sad. We had a TON, but animals got to most of them. I think we only got 2!

After the school year started, we started losing a lot of vegetables that got overripe. There just wasn't enough time to go pick them! I would walk by in the morning and after school and realize I needed to do something....but did not feel like heading into the buggy garden after leaving school at 8:00 at night!

But the pumpkins are looking good! It is almost their turn to shine!


Baby Boo Gourds (mini pumpkins)

Lumina (white pumpkins)

I look forward to seeing the pumpkins ripen over the next couple weeks. Then comes the time to pick, bleach, and store them until pumpkin selling season in October. We also have an idea in the works to have a weekend day for people to come pick a pumpkin, maybe carve them, and get a ride on the John Deere. I hope it works out because I think it will be a fun gathering for our friends and family!

View from the back of the pumpkin patch

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