Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Fun

Adam and I have been talking about carving pumpkins for a couple weeks. We even picked our very favorite pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to carve ourselves. Of course...when did we actually carve? The night before Halloween when we said, "If we don't carve them now, we never will!". But it was fun anyway. Adam did the carving of the tops and I did the carving of the designs.

Neither of us are artistic at all, so for the first one, we found a cat template online. We tried to get a picture of Fudgie inside the pumpkin, but she was having none of it. 

Then we busted into our ginormous 50 lb pumpkin! Not the easiest to get up on the counter let alone carve! It was so thick in some areas, you couldn't even see the knife when I stuck it all the way through!

When I picked it off the vine, I accidentally broke the stem off. I decided it was resourceful to use a hot glue gun to put it back together.

We decided to try and save some of the seeds from our favorite pumpkins and grow them next year. They are kind of a pain to clean off. But we are going to dry and save seeds from these two pumpkins we carved.

I ruined my nailpolish during our pumpkin carving! 

Our pumpkins on the porch!

We added a few more pumpkins for Halloween today!

I love to see pumpkins all over the place! It has been fun to have different pumpkins on our porch this year. Especially throughout the season. Any pumpkins that had issues we couldn't sell I put on the porch! You'll notice the blue crate on the porch. We gave out leftover gourds with our Halloween candy!