Sunday, October 09, 2011

Riding a Camel With The Man Without Pants

Over spring break in 2009, Adam and I visited my sister in Morocco. I posted about that leg of the trip here shortly thereafter. In the last couple days I have been going through videos on my computer and importing videos that I have had sitting on mini-DV tapes for quite a while. Doing so, I found our Morocco videos and the clip of us riding camels. It was such a fun experience. Except the part where Adam said "Boys shouldn't ride camels". 

Browsing through the video, I came across our guide with no pants. That is right. Our guide took off his pants. We were dying of laughter. In such a conservative country, we we so shocked by being led by a men without pants! He took them off to go through water. But then he decided not to go through water. The pants stayed off anyway.

You can see our guide without pants at the 2:34 marker in the video! Also at 1:43 you can catch me taking a self portrait.

Riding a camel on the beach might be one of the most exotic things I have ever done. That and swimming with dolphins in the open ocean (in the Bahamas in 2007). But riding camels may be more exotic because fewer people have done my experience at least. I think I still list swimming with dolphins in the open ocean as the neatest experience ever though!

What is the most exotic thing you have ever done?