Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wedding Dresses Revisited

After going dress shopping with my sister, I was feeling wedding nostalgia and went back and looked at some of the wedding dresses that I tried on while wedding dress shopping. It was such a blast! I went with my mom and my friend Bridget. Of course I tried on all kinds of dresses I thought I'd be interested in. But also some just for fun! The consultant we worked with was a blast and we enjoyed working with her so much!


Beautiful back 

Very similar to the one I ended up with

We thought this one looked silly on me. But actually now it doesn't look as terrible as I thought it did. But totally not my style. 

I seriously considered this one with the color black instead of red. I was IN LOVE with the back. But I wanted something with a little more pizzazz in front.

Not the best neckline on me. 

Loved the gathering on this one.

Apparently I was very angry about this dress???? 

Clearly this is my style.

And the dress I ended up with!

I did try on the dress that first day dress shopping, but didn't buy it right away. When I went back later with my girlfriends bridesmaid dress shopping they wanted me to try it on. I did and then just couldn't turn it down. I ended up buying it that day. I love my dress! I felt so good in it all day. It just worked with my body, I loved the style, and it just felt right. And I loved the beading!

What is your wedding dress story if you are married? If you aren't, do you have a style you imagine? I had no idea what I wanted going into it!