Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Update on the House-Working on the Tile

Well this is really sad.

I posted about our bathroom progress on April 5th. Until December we hadn't really made ANY more progress on the master bath since then. And absolutely no work has been done on the downstairs bathroom to date. For several days in December Adam worked really had on the shower walls. Then the holidays forced a break. This weekend Adam was back to work. In our defense, May to October we practically live outside taking care of the gardens....but still it is crazy.

The walls in the shower are done except for the last section on top. We put that on hold because we are going to see which size tile is left and use that on top. I'd prefer the 9x12 (larger) tiles, but if we have a lot of 6x6 left we might need to use that. The other part of the shower not finished is the shelving. That is done last....apparently.

The main bathroom area. We still don't have mirrors either. Well. We bought mirrors and then a year later realized they didn't fit. Oops.

From the main bathroom area into the walk in shower. 

The back of the shower (to the left of the picture above) with the bench

Facing the bench-to the left- shelves for shampoo bottles etc

The front of the shower (that's the handle area under the mosaic) and to the right there will be two shelves and mosaic in the middle.

The "water closet" on Saturday night.

Sunday night (Adam has been working hard!)

And....the master bedroom is still uninhabitable! As soon as the bathroom is finished it will be cleaned up and no longer a work zone. Then one more coat of paint and some molding and we can move in!

I CANNOT wait to be able to post final pictures of the bathroom when we are in it and using it! THEN I won't have to get ready in 3 different bedrooms! My bed, clothes, hamper, and makeup will be all in one room!