Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bedroom Furniture!

Last month I blogged about the update in our bathroom. Adam has continued to work on the bathroom since then. This weekend, however, it got put on hold because we realized since I am hosting my future sister-in-law's shower here next month, we should get the downstairs bathroom completed. 

We'd been on a hunt for bedroom furniture for our master bedroom as well. We've been sleeping in our spare bedroom on my full size bed from college!

I REALLY (REALLY) wanted a sleigh bed. I don't know why. I just love how they look. We looked hardcore for a while, but then gave up every time because of the cost. One day a month or so ago my mom called and asked if we'd been to Costco. They had a new bedroom set and it had a beautiful sleigh bed that was just right! Not too light. Not too intricate. It was just right! We bought the set (in a couple stages because we needed to borrow other people's cars!). They sat in our foyer and dining room for a couple weeks until the master bedroom was cleaned out enough (from construction stuff). 

Adam started getting really worried about getting these big pieces of furniture upstairs since the turn is really tight. But they all made it!

Getting the furniture up the stairs.

Piles of packaging all over the place. That is really good cardboard! I hate to throw it out!


The stuff all over the bedroom. The wall in the bottom photo is going to be striped with thick matte and glossy stripes...eventually. After the bathroom downstairs is completed.

The bathroom is SO CLOSE to being done. The bottom picture shows the last part that needs to be tiled. And then it all needs to be grouted. Then we will have our master bathroom!

Now we just need to find a mattress to go with the bedroom set. Buying a mattress always freaks me out. It is such a big decision!