Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodbye Water Heater

A couple Sundays ago, I woke up in the morning (as crabby as I always am in the morning) and got in the shower before church. The water was ice cold. It didn't heat up at all. 

I knew. 

I just knew that our hot water was all over the cellar. 


I woke him up to go check (because I don't like the cellar) and I was right. The hot water was no longer in the heater, but on the cellar floor. So I had to go to church greasy (not greasy because I was trying to fix it but greasy because I couldn't shower).

The water

The culprit

We really cannot complain too much, because the picture below will show you when this hot water heater was installed! It was a bit frustrating because it broke THE DAY we bought our tickets to Cairo for my sister's wedding ($$$$) but that's Murphy's law for you!

My dad and Adam's dad came over that afternoon. Adam's dad helped in the bedroom (that was the original plan for the day!) and my dad and Adam worked on the hot water heater.

It wasn't an easy replacement because the old one was SO old the new one didn't match up. They had to run new pipes to make them line up. Weird side note: My parents hot water heater broke a week to the day later. Same thing. They went down to the basement and found water everywhere. Luckily my dad was an expert by then!

Our new very hot hot water heater!

Here you can see the top of new one!

And the old one! I guess it really wasn't long for this world!

Oh the joys of this old house!