Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Foray Into Sewing-Faux Chenille Baby Blanket

My third sewing project was to make a faux chenille baby blanket for my soon to be nephew at my SIL's baby shower. Ashley tweeted about this tutorial and I was excited to go for it!

I had a lot of fun picking out the fabric. They are doing the nursery in owls, so I was on the hunt for something owl that was not too girly. There's a lot of girly owl stuff out there! I picked out coordinating flannel fabric. 

Following the directions, I used fabric glue to hold the pieces of fabric together. Adam had to help me hold the pieces straight. Excuse my pajamas. I live in pajamas at home!

Using a taut string to draw a chalkline for the first diagonal line.

Spending my life sewing diagnoal lines 1/2 inch apart.

Then it came time to cut the back. Oh....boy. I feltl ike I spent years cutting in between those lines! I even injured my hand! My thumb was numb for about 2 weeks?! But really that was because I am stubborn and once I start something I don't like to stop so I did all the cutting in two sittings....about 5 hours.

The tough part was doing the corners. I had my heart set on having a minky border before I knew how hard minky is to sew with. Doing the corners was quite tough! And I broke two needles because I didn't realize I should be using special thick fabric needles. 


The final product! 
I just love how the fabric curls up and looks so soft and inviting! I cannot wait to see Baby Boy H laying on it enjoying some tummy time when he decides to join us in this crazy family!