Saturday, June 09, 2012

First Birthday Baseball Cake Pops

The other day I wrote about making alphabet blocks for a first birthday present. I also made baseball cake pops for Grady's baseball birthday bash. You can see all of the adorable baseball birthday crafty fun that his mama Kristin did for him at her blog.

I spent quite a bit of time looking at baseball cake pops online. There were some amazing ones. And some embarrassing ones. I just wanted to fall somewhere in the middle!

I used the same tricks as I did in my first cake pop post

After rolling the cake pops I put them in the fridge for 30 minutes. No more freezer time for me, it makes them crack. After they came out, I dipped the sticks in candy melts and stuck them in the balls.

 As always, don't dip the balls in the candy melts! Spoon the candy melts over the top and tap and twirl until it has dripped off and mostly hardened. Stick them in Dollar Tree foam wreaths until they are totally hard.

The best part of my graduation present, is that I am able to watch my trash TV (currently Army Wives) while baking and decorating!

All dipped!

First I piped the red stripe around all of them. I didn't take any pictures because at that point I was freaking out that they looked ugly! It was really really hard to make it look even. If you look closely, they are all a little different. Then I went back and piped the little dashes across and they looked A TON better. 

Kristin planted grass in pots for displaying the cake pops! So adorable! The main thing we did learn though....wet soil will make paper lollipop sticks wilt. So by the time it was cake time, the cake pops were all leaning sideways where they were stuck in the dirt.

 The whole adorable display!

Grady enjoying his first birthday cake! He did a great job!

Baseball cake pop tips: 
-Allow even more time than you would for regular cake pops because the piping of the laces takes extra time. And if you hate the string that goes all the way around, it will look better when you put the dashes on.
-Use extra long lollipop sticks if you are going to plant them in grass. I almost used the regular ones, which would have been too short.
-Spend some time on the internet looking at baseballs and baseball cake pops so you have an idea of what the laces should look like. Unless you actually know more about sports than me. 
-As always, bake the cake the day before!