Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Grossest Bugs in the Entire World

Don't worry. This post won't have any pictures. The last thing I need is more pictures of gross bugs to keep me up at night!

I've been majorly working in the vegetable garden this week (pictures to come) and I'm super excited about how all my plants are coming along! 

When I am gardening these are the types of creepy crawly things I see:
big spiders
big spiders with egg sacs attached to them
ants of all sizes

Do I freak out? No. I don't really like them ON me. But they belong out in nature. It's cool. 

This week inside my house, these are the things I have seen:
earwig right next to me on the toilet
earwig ON MY ARM in the shower
earwig on the bottom of the tub
earwig on the ceiling in the office that fell and I had to find it
earwig in a doorway
(maybe an earwig in the bed when I was taking a nap, but more likely a dream because I often dream about bugs in my bed when I am sleeping. It is annoying and upsetting). 
big fast spider in the bathroom
big fat fly in the bedroom (this wasn't upsetting, just annoying at 3 am)

Do I freak out? YES. GROSS CREEPY BUGS do NOT belong in my house. DO NOT BELONG! I just can't handle it. I have had more than one melt down this week because of them. Outside? Bugs are fine. Inside my house? NOT FINE.

And earwigs? SO gross. If you don't know what they are, you should probably look it up so you know how awful it is. The other night I kept waking up because I was sure I heard their pincers. You can't hear their pincers. That's just ridiculous. I woke up nonetheless. And every time I'd jump out of bed, pull the covers back, and look around the whole room. 

In addition, because of the earwig on the ceiling in the office, I'd had to walk around my house like a ninja. Every time I enter a room, I scan the ceiling, walls, and then floor to ensure there are no earwigs around. 

Adam has now laid special granule pesticide around the entire perimeter of the house, in the cellar AND on the roof (in the dark last night). He says if there is one more we are calling an exterminator. Our neighbor told him he has an exterminator and never sees a single bug in his house. He told Adam it is worth the money so he doesn't have to deal with his wife and daughter freaking out about bugs!

So that has been my terrible buggy week.