Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Monday I posted about my sister's rehearsal/wine tasting welcome dinner. When she decided on the wine tasting theme, I got all kinds of excited and started pinning all the wine ideas ever. Then I decided that she just had to incorporate chalkboard ideas into the theme as well because they seemed to go SO well together. One of the ideas we saw was to make chalkboard wine glasses and I said I really wanted to make them. 

I read all the tutorials about dipping versus spraying and all the methods for drying and avoiding dripage such as here (dipping), here (spraying), and here (spraying). 

I took all the information I learned and decided to try my hand at chalkboard wine glasses. We found wine glasses at IKEA that were pretty sturdy (none broke during chalkboarding them or all night!) and bought 60 of them! They are an even better deal than the Dollar Tree, though you need to buy 6 at a time. 

I laid out my spray painting tarp outside and weighted down the corners.
Then I taped off the wine glasses (I did one at a time-taping and spraying so I had to only pick each one up once).
I taped off with blue painter's tape about 1/2 inch from the bottom. 

At first I taped a paper towel around it based on one of the tutorials I read.
I sprayed the first one, but right away realized that the taped down and tucked in paper towel wasn't necessary. 

After that I just kind of held the paper towel around the bottom with my left hand, while I sprayed with my right hand. I sprayed a pretty light coat on, so there was barely any dripping. 

I put them upside down on a piece of hardy board I found that was leftover from our shower project. 

After about 30-45 minutes of drying, I came back and gave them a second coat. Chalkboard spray paint ALWAYS requires two coats. For good measure, I let them dry another 30-45 minutes and came back and gave them a third coat.
For the second and third coats, I did the same thing: lightly hold a paper towel with my left hand around the bottom to protect the glass, and spray with my right.

I sprayed 48 glasses total because that is how many people Erin was expecting!
After the last coat was dry to the touch, I pulled off the painter's tape so that it would come off more easily. Just a few had drips or leakage and it scraped right off with my fingernail since I did it right away. A few also had paint that crackled. I am not 100% sure why and not sure why it happened to only a few of them, but one guess is that it was a VERY hot day outside and it was above the temperature recommended on the can. 

All in all, it went very quickly and only took a couple hours start to finish. Putting the painter's tape on took the most time of anything!

After they dried for 3 days (the can recommends at least 24 hours) I primed them (got tips here) by rubbing a small piece of chalk on its side all around the base in different directions. Then I wiped them down with a damp (not wet) paper towel. This helps ensure that the chalk doesn't leave an impression on the chalkboard that doesn't go away.

After that they were ready to go!

We put the wine glasses on the edge of the bar. Guests were invited to come up, write their name on a glass, and then start the tasting process. Each guest got to bring home their glass as a favor!