Monday, August 27, 2012

Wine Tasting Themed Welcome Dinner

This weekend was my sister's Chicago wedding! On Friday was the rehearsal and then welcome dinner. Because they had so many people from out of town and so many important people they wanted to have involved, they opted for a less formal wine tasting and dinner. We volunteered to have it at our house and I had so much fun pinning all kinds of fun wine ideas!

Practicing at the church

The girls

So cute!

We had tents and tables set up in the backyard. Erin rented round tables and high top tables so it was a great socializing atmosphere. Apparently we have a bar that has been in the barn! Who knew!? Not me. The bar looked great and was perfect for the night. 

Some of the yummy appetizers. 

I cut up carrots and celery and served them in wine glasses with ranch squirted in the bottom based on this pin

My favorite part of the night! The cheese plate!

Tasting and drinking wine!

My sister socializing with friends

Guests went up to the bar, chose a wine glass, and 4 different wines to taste and rate. 

I sprayed wine bottles with chalkboard paint (saw the idea here) and wrote "Welcome" on them. I also insisted on making these salt and pepper shakers I saw here. So easy! We drank the wine (I pushed it on everyone in the last 2 weeks), carefully washed the bottles to protect the labels, and then  punch holes in the top with a nail and hammer. I put 3 holes for the pepper and 5 holes for the salt. The reason it was funny I insisted on making the salt and pepper shakers? They didn't actually have any food that required salt or pepper! But they looked cute!

Writing down notes about the wine. My sister found a grid here that she had for each guest with the info about each wine on the back. 

The happy couple!
I made the sign for them on my Silhouette. It was a fun decoration outside. 

I just had to post this because I have been a huge fan of cucumber mint water lately. I found this "recipe" here and have been making it the last couple weeks. 

It was a fun night of relaxing, drinking wine, eating cheese, socializing with friends and lots of family from out of town and a great way to have fun and relax before the wedding the next day!