Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pumpkin Update

Overall our pumpkin patch has been sadly neglected this year. We planted ALL kinds of varieties that I was very excited about. But with the INSANE heat and the drought we just didn't water enough. We also didn't weed really at all. I spent a lot of time in the vegetable garden weeding and caring for it. But the pumpkin patch didn't get the same amount of love. 

Adam and I did hit it today to try to get some of the hugest weeds away from the the pumpkins. Overall, our yield is smaller than in years past. And I am super sad that none of the jack-be-littles grew. But there is still a pretty good number of pumpkins and we look foward to having another Pumpkin Day this year.

The area of the pumpkin patch with "regular" type pumpkins

Some good looking pumpkins!
They will finish turning orange in the next month, as long as there is sun!

Some neat little striped pumpkin looking gourds

I majorly heart funky gourds and there are some very cool ones this year.

The field of weeds. Or pumpkin patch. Whatever.

After playing in the pumpkin patch, we planted some mums by the pump house and dug these up. They are really soft and spongy. The outside layer comes off and there's a shiny ball inside. I thought they might be spider eggs or a bulb of some sort, but they are really spongy. I cut one in half to see and it looks like an egg! Does anyone know what they are eggs of??

We do also have a few Cinderella pumpkins and one-too-manys (different colors) but I didn't drag my camera too far into the pumpkin patch. I was hot and sweaty!

The vegetable garden is mostly done for the season. The cherry tomatoes are still producing and I am going to be SO SAD when they die. I have been eating cherry tomatoes like candy this year. The spaghetti squash and butternut squash are ripe now. I made spaghetti squash for dinner last night and it was REALLY yummy. Even Adam liked it!

Let's cross our fingers for good weather and sunshine so the green pumpkins turn orange by Pumpkin Day 2012!