Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Chalkboard Beer Glasses

In October, I made chalkboard beer glasses as a gift. 

Round one: 
I cut out 4 different "bracket" stencils on my Silhouette. I love brackets.

Then I put them on the glasses. 

Then I made a huge mess of them trying to put them on nicely and had to start over. 

At first I thought I was going to paint chalkboard acrylic paint on the glasses. Then I learned that acrylic paint won't stick to glass when it was peeling right off. So I peeled all the paint right off the glasses.

Round two:

I recut out the stencils and applied them to the glass. It was a bit (very) cold outside, so I used an old bin in our backroom and started spray painting. 

Well....first I taped paper towels all around the glass and across the top. It was definitely worth taking the time to do that well because it left no mess. I sprayed them 3 times and let it dry in between.

They made a great gift with a 6 pack of beer!