Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Surprise 30th Birthday

This May I will turn 30. But we aren't going to talk about that right now. 

Fortunately, many other friends are at the same time!

One of my girlfriend's (Kristin) birthday was this month and her husband had a surprise 30th birthday for her on New Years Eve! It was such a fun party! Kristin's sister, Cassie, pulled together a ton of creative ideas! Cassie and I talked on the phone and she said, "We know Kristin likes chalkboard, mason jars, photos, and printables." I went to work on Pinterest! YAY for the new secret boards! (I just made the board public.)

It was such a fun night to celebrate Kristin who is one of the most thoughtful people you will ever meet. She always thinks of everyone else first and it was fun to do something for her!

Personalized Subway art I made for her.
It is only $6 to print a 16x20 in color at Costco! $10 cheaper than a drugstore!
If you misspell "birthday", it will cost $12 though, because you will get home and realize you spelled it wrong, and then made a new one and send your husband back to get it!

Cassie made little cookie treat bags

Cassie blew up huge photos using the engineering prints (I think $4 each!) from Staples and put them on ledge around the room.

Photo tree!

Confetti wasn't allowed in the room, so we decided to make Hershey Kiss confetti! I designed them in the Silhouette software with K's and 30's. I bought Avery "White Internet Shipping Labels". They are half sheet adhesive labels. I couldn't find the full sheet labels. I used the Silhouette print and cut feature to make them. Honestly, my Silhouette was making me INSANE, but I finally got it working!

Cake table
Cassie blew up a lot of the printables we found and mounted them on foam board. Love this one! Her friend made the pretty cake!

Cassie cut out brackets on chalkboard vinyl on her Cricut so people could write their name on their wine glasses!

Fancy photobooth printable
Cassie put together this super awesome fancy photobooth! Shiny streamers hung from the back, and there was a board to write why people heart Kristin!

I cut out the props on my Silhouette. I learned to NOT EVER AGAIN use glitter paper. Thank goodness I got a new cutting mat for Christmas because I cut right through mine! We hot glued the props on dowels.

The birthday girl and me

Cassie made beautiful centerpieces with Christmas sale ornaments! She filled up big mason jars and put them over silver table runners with photos underneath. We put black circles under them that people could write on with chalk!

The New Years prop table. Cassie also put together a wish tree for people to write wishes for Kristin in the new year and then tie to the tree.
Kristin blowing out her candles! Happy Birthday!

We are royalty! 
Happy new year to my hubby!