Saturday, April 20, 2013

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Baby Shower

Two weeks ago we had a baby shower for my sister-in-law Vel at my house. We were tossing around ideas and perusing Pinterest Boards looking for ideas. We asked my brother-in-law (the daddy to be) if she had any favorite children's books or movies and he gave us the idea of Peter Pan. How perfect! With a little baby girl on the way, we thought there would be so many fun things to incorporate!

If you want to check out the other ideas we didn't get to (SO MANY CUTE IDEAS!) you can see them on our Peter Pan Baby Shower Pinterest Board

I thought this idea was so cute!

Sugar n' Spice Marshmallow Pops my sister-in-law Jessica made!

My sister-in-law Heidi made these SUPER cute Tinkerbell slipper cupcakes!

We also tried to make these cookies and they were a big fat fail. They just all poofed up and didn't look anything like flowers! Thanks Target for your bakery cookies to save the day!

Cute Tinkerbell wands Adam's aunt made!

The rest of our fun snacks! 
We had Pirate's Booty snacks too, idea from this blog and goldfish with yummy Parmesan dip! (The only fail was I dyed the dip blue to be the ocean and people thought it was frosting).

The girls who helped plan the shower all brought onesies to help decorate for our new little niece to be! I was super excited about the My Aunt Rocks and I Love My Uncle ones I found!

We made an adorable diaper cake out of 7th Generation Bleach Free diapers that she had on her registry.

We played the "Remember what was on the tray" game and it was hard!

My sister-in-law Amanda had the great idea to print a big picture and put it behind an old cabinet door. It was so great looking!

She also printed a lot of great big pictures to put around the house.

My VERY favorite decorations were the shadows we had around the house. My SIL printed them big and we strategically placed them. I just LOVED these!

Front door

We had everyone sign a copy of Peter Pan the book for mama and future baby. We also had pixie stix in mason jars on the table in the foyer. Throughout the house we also had quotes we found on Pinterest.

The favors were hand scrub in little mason jars. I used my Silhouette to cut out little scalloped labels for the top. If I did it again, I wouldnot do scalloped with little holes punched out because most had to be pushed out by hand with a toothpick!

The foyer area with another of my FAVORITE Tinkerbells.

I swore I would never make tissue paper balls again after the bridal shower last year. But my SIL found them for inexpensive and they stayed much fluffier than the ones I made!

Everyone hanging out.

We had Peter Pan playing on the TV in the background.

Playing the "What is on the tray?" game.

We also played "Guess How Many M&Ms are in the baby bottle?" There were over 1,000. I never would have guessed!

Playing "Guess how much string it takes to go around her belly?"

Opening presents with her mom.

My awesome sisters-in-law!

My awesome mom.

The mommy and daddy-to-be!