Monday, September 16, 2013

6 Weeks

How far along: 6 Weeks
How big is the baby: The size of a sweet pea. What a fun nickname for a little baby!
Weight gain: None
Doctor: 2 more weeks!
Clothes: Regular
Sleep: Inconsistent at night
Movement: Not yet!
Food/Aversions: Mostly normal. Have been very burpy sometimes after maybe I could throw up, but not really. I don't really want to eat a lot, but then suddenly I am hungry. I did get TOTALLY grossed out and gagged one day when one of my students had an accident in his pants (just #1!). Normally it wouldn't bother me at all...but gross!
What I miss: Adam! He has been mostly gone since August 19 and it makes me sad! He has been home a few days here and there, but I miss him a lot! My dad came over today to take this weekly photo for me!
What I am looking forward to: The first trimester being over so I can feel more secure.
TMI: I am a total POAS addict (it is internet lingo, look it up if you want). I love seeing it get so much darker!
Oh! And This: I got to tell Erin on Wednesday! It was so exciting! I wanted to Facetime with her over the weekend, but we couldn't work it out with our schedules and the time difference. I told her I wanted to show her some of my professor clothes I had laid out on my bed, and then also had two onesies (a boy one and a girl one) that say "My Auntie Rocks". She was sobbing and sobbing! And then so was I! It made it feel really real then. I told some of my good friends I used to work with when we went out for drinks on Friday. They were watching me like hawks so there was no way to hide it. They knew we were trying this summer when I didn't drink at our cabin weekend. There was no way to hide that all weekend! They are so excited to find out a baby is finally on board!

My sister after she saw the onesies! It was hard to maneuver taking a picture with the iPad while holding the phone!

I embroidered these for a co-worker's new twin granddaughters and thought "OMG. I want a baby." and then realized, "OMG! I'm having a baby!"