Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Something New is Sprouting on the Hopkins Farm!

I was 12 weeks on Monday! We have been keeping it mostly a secret, but now we want to tell the world! I'm practically telling strangers on the street. I had my 12 week appointment on Monday and cried like a baby hearing the heartbeat. I could listen to that all day. The ultrasound we had done at 8 weeks 4 the baby is much bigger now! Too bad we won't see him or her again until Christmas time. 

Speaking of that....YES, we will find out if it is a him or her! You know me! I am such a planner. And Adam totally agrees. We will be able to find out around Christmas.

More details will be coming soon! I have been blogging every week, but keeping them as a draft, so I will post them soon so you can keep up to date with how everything has been!

For the most part I have felt pretty good! I have had icky days here and there. And THE FATIGUE! OMG! No one prepares you for that! I'm at the point now where I am SO STARVING, but if I eat more than a little bit I am SO FULL! So that has been interesting getting used to only eating a little at a 

Overall, it still doesn't feel real! But telling people has been super exciting and makes it feel more real! 


Oh, and PS....thanks Erin for taking this photo for us!!