Monday, December 16, 2013

19 Weeks

How far along: 19 Weeks
How big is the baby: 6 inches-The length of a long bell pepper (not a regular one!). It was supposed to be a mango. It is not possible to find a 6 inch mango in December. Just in case you were wondering. 
Weight gain: Looks like just under 7 pounds. It was steady at 5 pounds and then jumped to 8 one day. I was a bit concerned about gaining 3 pounds in 2 days! But then it has been back down and steady at 7 the last 2 days. I am not concerned about gaining weight, it's obviously part of the deal! I just want to make sure I am doing it in a healthy way!
Doctor/Medical Stuff: I have Restless Leg Syndrome which is a real diagnosis with a stupid sounding name. I am very lucky to not have it anywhere near as bad as my mom has it. It mostly really impacts me when I am tired and cannot sit to watch a movie or go to a comedy club late and it makes me restless when I sleep. But in the last couple weeks of pregnancy? HOLY RESTLESS LEGS! I can barely even sit to read a story to my preschoolers. My legs are bouncing moving, stretching and all over the place just so I can stay in the chair. This is getting old! Oh! One more week until our ultrasound (GENDER?!?!) and 20 week doctor appointment. 
Clothes: All maternity all the time. Well, most of the time. A few long shirts are still fine. And sweatshirts and t-shirts are fine. But maternity pants? Most comfortable ever. And so cute too!
Sleep: Both days this weekend I woke up earlier than I needed to, after not enough sleep, and couldn't go back to sleep. Not cool. I like sleep. Right now I mostly wake up during the night DYING of thirst. But then I am awake and figure I better go to the bathroom because I am up. And then sometimes can't fall back asleep.
Movement:  I THINK I FEEL THE BABY! It is still "think" because it isn't consistent. But this weekend a few times while sitting/riding in the car I noticed something that I didn't feel before. Like something bumping into me from the inside. And again at school today while sitting at the table with my students I noticed it. I'm going with it. YAY BABY!
Food/Aversions: No aversions. Just hungry ALL THE TIME. 
What I miss: Being able to sit in a little chair at school. I have completely banned myself from the little chairs. Sometimes I sit in them out of habit and then have to remind myself to get up or I will pay for it with excruciating pain. The floor is fine. Standing is fine. Dancing is fine. Sitting in a little chair? NOT FINE! I have two big chairs in my classroom now: one at circle time and one at the tables. And where we eat snack in another room I  have a big chair too. It isn't really convenient though because the adult sized chairs don't fit at the preschool sized tables. So I have to sit sideways. And I don't really like drawing attention to myself. But....I don't care anymore.
What I am looking forward to: FINDING OUT THE GENDER! BABY! ARE YOU A BOY OR GIRL!?!
Oh! And This: Last week at work everyone kept commenting on my belly. Apparently I really LOOK very pregnant now. It is fun! "Wow! Where did that baby come from?!" "Holy cow! You really ARE pregnant!" I am loving my bump and loving being pregnant. What an exciting time! I think our bodies are amazing and I am proud of this body of mine that is working so hard to grow a little life!

Busy Weekend
I had a busy weekend this weekend with lots of fun. 

Saturday, I took my annual trip to the Walnut Room in Macy's with friends of the family that I have been going with for.....a really long time. Since Kailey was a young'un! Maybe 15 years?

Kailey, Robin, Linsey, Me in front of the tree

The beautiful tree

Baby's first trip to the Walnut Room!

Kailey and I in front of the tree outside

Friday Night Adam and I met friends for a get together and Christmas celebration. Katie and Kristin are two of my best friends from college. 

I love all 4 of these kiddos!! They are so fun to celebrate with
(And it was near impossible to get a picture. We laughed about trying to do it with a baby next year!)

My two handsome Godsons! Aren't they the sweetest?!