Tuesday, February 04, 2014

26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of a hothouse cucumber-14 inches
Weight gain: 20 pounds
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: I needed to do my glucose test sometime between 24 and 28 weeks, so I decided to go last Saturday. My doctor recommends eating a low carb meal the night before and not eating before you go (and going in the morning!) in order to avoid failing and needing to do the 3 hour test unnecessarily. If you have gestational diabetes, there is no tricking the test, but avoiding carbs before the 1 hour test can help make sure you don't fail unnecessarily. I ate low carb Friday night so I went Saturday morning, snowstorm and all! Found out Monday that I failed. Argh! So now I go back next Saturday to do the 3 hour. I really really hope I pass. Pregnant women aren't meant to eat low carb. Especially vegetarian pregnant women!

Monday was also a frustrating day because I fell on the ice in the parking lot at work. The district isn't salting the parking lots anymore because they are low on salt and it was super slippery. I am always really careful though! I was walking back towards the building after putting a child in a car and was suddenly on the ground on my hands and knees (not belly thank goodness!). I called my doc and they wanted me to lay down for 2 hours and do a kick count (10 kicks in 2 hours). At first Little Man was being very naughty and not moving even after cold water and OJ. I ate a big lunch and restarted the 2 hours. I felt a few movements, but when I drank a Pepsi and played some Florida Georgia Line and One Direction on my phone on my belly....then he really got going! I pictured him doing the One Direction Wii Just Dance moves like my preschoolers do every day. I was super relieved that he was alright and also that I didn't have to go to labor and delivery for monitoring! Having the home Doppler also helped my peace of mind. 
Sleep: I borrowed a Snoogle pregnancy pillow from a friend's sister and I do believe it is helping sleep! It is supportive when I flip back and forth between sides and helps prevent me from waking up flat on my back. Occasionally I roll over in my sleep and have a horrible sharp pain in my belly. Most of the time, however, I wake up and heave myself over and it is much better!
Movement: He moves all the time and I love it! I was at a meeting at work the other day and couldn't stop giggling because he was kicking like crazy over and over in one place. I am starting to feel him up high a lot more now. 
Food/Aversions: I've been wanting sweets over the last couple weeks. It is not unusual to hear me say, "I want a cookie!". Normally I am not really a sweet person!
What I miss:Rolling over in my sleep without pain!
What I am looking forward to: Making more progress on the baby's room!This weekend was spent working on my townhouse because our last tenants left it a disaster when they were evicted. Hopefully soon we can get back to the regularly scheduled programming of nursery projects!
Baby Projects: We have picked out a grey for the walls. We painted a splotch on and it is so pretty and I love it! We finally decided on a red but couldn't have it because it was an exterior color. Then we picked a different one, got a sample and put it on, but it was way too orange. We also painted on a splotch of the red we have downstairs, but it is a little bright. Friday night we got another sample and we think it is the winner! A nice deep red for the closet "barn". Nothing too bright!
Pearls from the Preschool: "Maybe the baby can come in March?" No. The baby will come in May. Maybe April, but hopefully May. "Maybe March?" Nope. Not March.
Oh! And This: I must really be showing because when I was loading a child in a car the other day his mom congratulated me! Big winter coat and all! She said she had wondered a few times but could definitely tell that day! It is kind of fun!

This weekend I finished my stash of cloth wipes! I have 60 total now in all different fun patterns!
More surprises in the mail! 5 pairs of Baby Legs (leggings) that I ordered from a FB group for cheap (I heart grey!) and 2 one size cloth diapers!

Just a little idea of how our tenants left my townhouse. Argh! I loved my little place! I was so proud to own my first home and now it is nothing but a hassle. I wish I could just sell it.