Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oink! Moo! Cock-a-doodle-doo! Sweet Baby H is almost due!

Tonight my girlfriends threw me a super adorable farm-themed baby shower! I tried to go to bed, but as is so common in pregnancy, my body has other ideas. So I decided to get up and be productive and edit the photos and blog about the amazing shower! 

I felt so loved tonight and I cannot believe that I get to do this fun all over again tomorrow morning with the shower for my family and friends of the family. This baby boy is so loved!

My sweet girlfriends who threw the shower

Cute sign out front

Adorable mantle with decorations we can put in the nursery

Farmer's Market Favor Table
Everyone got a bag and could pick a little bouquet of flowers, clementine, soap, and packet of seeds. It was a big hit!!

Cute buckets that had adorable baby hats, bath stuff, and farm burp cloths in them. 
And the buckets can go in his room! And look at that cow hat!!!

Lemonade and water (in a wheelbarrow! so fun!) 

Dessert table with a delicious ice cream bar! And adorable cupcakes with "carrots" buried in dirt.

All of our weekly photos on display!

Yummy salads for dinner!

Fun games!
I won the match the baby animal name game! I guess I am a good farm girl!
I was NOT good at the Price is Right game though!

Fun activity for everyone to make an alphabet block for the baby!

My sweet girlfriends again 

And with grandma and auntie to be! 

We received so many exciting and generous presents! But of course my face looks crazy in all of them! 
I think half the party laughed and the other half thought Erin was insane when I opened this!

My friend from work is a super creative present wrapper!! I didn't want to break it!

Monday, March 24, 2014

33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of a leek-17.2 inches
Weight gain: 32 pounds-I need to stop eating a cookie every day!
Rings: Still fitting fine.
Belly Button: Still an innie.
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: Most of the time during the day I feel really good. I was thinking the other day "My body rocks at this pregnancy thing. I'm feeling better now than I did earlier in my pregnancy." And then Friday happened. And I was heartburn-y, uncomfortable and tight and yucky all day. But it was after an awful night of no sleep, so let's hope that doesn't continue. 
Sleep: Totally depends on the night. Some nights I sleep well (for being 33 weeks pregnant) and others I get 3 hours of sleep.
Movement: He is head down and his appendages all hang out on my right side. I love to play with him when he pushes a foot out at me and I nudge it back! My sister is home visiting from Cairo for the week and she can't stop giggling every time she feels him move!
Food/Aversions: Same old same old. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to what causes the heartburn.
What I miss: Sleep (I know. I know. I will never sleep well again until my kids are 30.)
What I am looking forward to: Two of my baby showers this weekend!! I can't believe they are here!!!
Baby Projects: The hanging light is finally finished finished and I blogged about it here. Other than that, not a lot got done this week. We've both been crazy busy with work and with my sister home this week we were doing family stuff all weekend.
Pearls from the Preschool: 
"What is your baby's name?"
"I think you should name him Peaches!"
Oh! And This: I learned in our Bradley Classes that sitting "Indian Style" is a great position for a pregnant woman to sit in and we don't do it enough in our society. Well....I sit like that half the day! We also learned about squatting in preparation for labor and you need to try to hold it for a minute. Well...I do that the other half of the day! Apparently being a preschool teacher is good preparation for childbirth!

DIY Pendant Drum Shade Hanging Light

I got the idea in my head that we NEEDED to have a drum lampshade pendant light for the baby's room when I saw the first picture on this blog post on Pinterest. I wanted it to be a yellow pattern to go along with our colors and mixing of patterns. As I started scouring the internet...I was quite horrified to discover they ranged from $60 to $200 depending on the size and pattern. Well, THAT wasn't going to happen. 

Naturally my next step was to start scouring blogs for DIY tutorials. The main problem is most of the tutorials involved hanging the shade over an existing fixture. We were making ours from scratch.

This was going to be the one we followed most closely to make the actual shade. It was going to cost about $10 for the shade itself (with a coupon for the hoops and acrylic). Then I found a drum shade the perfect size for $15. The $5 seemed worth the hassle and labor of taping and cutting acrylic sheets! If you are going to make the shade yourself, this is another helpful tutorial. I did discover that you want to buy QUILTING hoops, not embroidery hoops for a larger shade. They are found in the sewing section of the store rather than where the embroidery hoops are. I found them at Joann. Joann, however, doesn't have the acrylic sheets. I was going to get them from Hobby Lobby until I found the pre-made shade.

Here is the complete list of the blog posts I found most helpful when I was researching this project:
A Little Bird Said (My favorite tutorial for making the shade)
The Keylor Family (Another good tutorial for making the shade)
Teal and Lime (One idea for making the light part)
Apartment Therapy (Another way to make the shade and use it as a ceiling fixture)
Dittle Dattle (How to make the light part with a pendant light kit)

Let's get started!
hot glue gun
fabric for outside of your shade
muslin for the bottom of your shade
light kit (we bought this one from Amazon for $15) 
shade (either pre-brought or the one you made)
random tools you need for the light part
kraft/tacky glue like Aleen's
sponge paint brush for tacky glue
two small washers

First we tested out the light fixture part. 

Use a teeny screw driver to remove the wires from the cap thing.

This is how it will fit through later

Putting the bottom fabric on

Lay your shade on your muslin. 
Loosley draw a circle around it about an inch wider than the shade.
Cut it out.

Lay it over the BOTTOM of your shade. 
Have someone help you hold it tightly as your glue it all the way around.
I just put little dot of hot glue all around.

 Putting on the outside fabric

Lay a finished end of fabric on the bottom edge of your shade. 
We used the fabric folded in half so the color of the grey shade didn't bleed through. So we laid the folded end on the bottom edge of the shade. You could sew a hem in an unfinished end if you want. 

We started by using hot glue because I thought it would be faster. I DO NOT recommend this. You can kind of see the glue through the shade when it is night and the light is on. Also, it makes it more uneven and bumpy. We then switched to Mod Podge, but I quickly realized that wouldn't work. The best solution was the tacky glue. 

Squeeze a small section of tacky glue on and spread it all around at a time. Then slowly pull your fabric on: lining it up with the edge, smoothing it, and pulling tightly.

Continue all the way around until you get back to your seam. 
Cut the fabric a few inches longer than it needs to be. 
Fold it over and glue with a nice seam. We actually used a bit of hot glue again here to hold it tightly immediately.

Cut off the excess fabric on the top with about an inch all around. 

Glue it down with hot glue dots around the edge-pulling tightly. 

Putting on the light itself

Put a small washer on top of the light and stick the wire through the hole

Put another small washer on top 
(Theses washers are just to help hold it a little more stable.)

Put a light bulb in the socket. 
We used a high wattage LED lightbulb. 
Adam was NOT comfortable putting a regular lightbulb in there because it was so close to the muslin fabric at the bottom. LED don't get hot. 

Attach the wires to ceiling in the appropriate manner. 
(My electrician husband did this. If you or a helper know how to do it, great! But I don't want to put any directions here that may cause electric shock to someone! Find a friend who knows how to do this if you don't!)

Adding the Ribbon

The original finished product! I loved it!

Until we turned the light on. Ugh! You could see on the top and the bottom where the extra fabric was folded over on the inside. One of the tutorials involved completely covering the inside with fabric. But that seemed like a fire hazard. 

Also, you can see the yucky spot that shines through. That is the spot where I had Mod Podge and Tacky Glue. Don't do that and you won't have a yucky spot.

I apparently didn't take any pictures of adding the ribbon. I bought ribbon in the same yellow as the fabric. I didn't want it to stand out too much. I heat sealed an end of the ribbon and glued it on the seam. Then I tightly wrapped the ribbon around the edges of the shade putting dots of hot glue on the top and bottom edge of the ribbon every few inches. At the end I cut it with an extra inch, heat sealed it, folded it over, and hot glued it down on the same seam as the fabric. 
*Heat Sealing: Just take a lighter and run it over the edge of the fabric so it isn't able to fray

The Final Product

I can't wait to get the nursery finished and see the whole room put together!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

32 Weeks

How far along: 32 Weeks-Only 2 months left!
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of Kale-16.7 inches
Weight gain: 30 pounds. My doc was happy with me today!
Rings: No prob bob.
Belly Button: Innie still. But it is really ugly. Whoever says when you get your belly button pierced it will heal right up is a big liar. I got it pierced when I was 18 and took it out at 22. Put Vitamin E on it. There's a scar still! And now I can see the scar from the outside hole and the hole that used to be inside my belly button!
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: 32 week appointment went well today. Little man is still head down and facing my right side. I feel most of the movements on the right so it makes sense. I have tightening once and a while and some mild cramps, but nothing that's any big deal!
Sleep: Ergh. Depends on the night. But that kicked with a steel toed boot to the nether regions feeling is getting worse with time!
Movement: I feel him all the time. I love it! Today I was sitting in IEP meetings all day and it provided lots of entertainment for me.  
Food/Aversions: The heartburn seems to be back though there's no rhyme or reason to it. It makes me want ice cream. 
What I miss: I can't think of anything now. But I AM grateful that my feet have stayed the same size and I've been able to wear boots all winter. What would you wear in such an awful Chicago winter if you couldn't wear boots!?! 
What I am looking forward to: My sister coming home for a visit on Friday! She will be home for my spring break week and two of my baby showers! So excited to see her!!
Baby Projects: Last Sunday we made the pendant light drum shade that I've been imagining (post coming soon). This weekend we finally got the ribbon to put around the bottom of it that it needed. Adam is working on painting the pieces of wood for the closet door so they look like barn doors. Oh, and he put together a little table lamp we got from IKEA. Only from IKEA would a lamp be so complicated!
Pearls from the Preschool: While assessing one of my students on body parts:
Me: (points to my eye)
Him: eye
Me: (points to my mouth)
Him: mouth
Me: (points to my hand)
Him: hand
Me: (points to my belly)
Him: baby
Me: cue laughter!
Oh! And This: Last Tuesday we had our first Bradley Method class. It is an 8 week session we are taking at a lady's house with 3 other couples. The Bradley Method is a method of natural childbirth. We are going to take the classes to get the tools to prepare and see how it goes when that time comes. Then Thursday we had a breastfeeding class at the hospital. Unfortunately Adam had to miss it because he got called in for overtime, but I learned some really good tips. It was taught by 2 lactation consultants and they were full of info. 

Creepy Toddler-sized baby at my breastfeeding class. 
I didn't want to pretend it was my baby!

Our DIY light fixture!

Adam working hard on an IKEA lamp

Monday, March 10, 2014

31 Weeks

How far along: 31 Weeks-Down to the single digit countdown! 9 more weeks!!!
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of a pineapple! 16.2 inches!
Weight gain: Stayed the same as last week-29 pounds. Phew!
Rings: Still fit! No problem!
Belly Button: Still an innie! But a shallow one!
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: I definitely feel tightening once in a while. Nothing regular or painful. Just super uncomfortable!
Sleep: I've been waking up more frequently with leg cramps in my calf. It is awful for me. And Adam because he gets woken up by me yelling for help to rub it out. He's such a trooper. But I feel bad giving him these middle of the night heart attacks. It usually happens an hour or 2 before it is time to wake up. I hate it! I couldn't possibly drink more water than I do, so I am going to try the potassium thing and eat more bananas. 
Movement: I sometimes feel like he is playing a drum set in there.
Food/Aversions: Loving the sweets!
What I miss: Being able to bend over and tie my shoes. I was at Hobby Lobby on Saturday and my shoe was untied. There was no way I could bend over and tie it. So I had to just ignore it. I managed to tie it in the car. Then I went to Target and the other shoe came untied! This is why I have been wearing my boots most of the winter! I'm lucky my feet haven't swollen at all. Otherwise I don't even know WHAT I would have worn on my feet this whole long nasty winter. 
What I am looking forward to: Making curtains! I bought blackout liner and my mom ordered fabric for me for the curtains (it had to be ordered since they don't have enough in the store). It should come in this week. Then I can get started making the curtains! It will really pull the room together! 
Baby Projects: I got a TON of stuff put away in the baby's room this week. The closet looks almost full with so many of the hand-me-down clothes we received from friends! I designed some sayings for the walls this weekend and also got in the mail some prints of John Deere tractors I ordered from Etsy! Those aren't actually hanging yet. I love to just walk in the room to look at what is done so far!
Pearls from the Preschool:
"Can we talk about your baby?"
"Is it disgusting that he eats your blood?"
Oh! And This: We were supposed to have a car seat safety class and hospital tour on Thursday. Except I totally forgot about it and was working late at school. I was out of my classroom in the copy room and talking to someone and my phone was almost dead so I didn't have it with me. Then Adam pulled up at 5:55 wondering where the heck I was and said, "I guess we aren't going to our 6:00 class?!?" DOH!

The grey chevron changing pad cover came in! 

Sunday Adam and I worked on making a hanging drum lampshade!