Monday, April 07, 2014

35 Weeks

How far along: 35 Weeks
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of a daikon (white radish)-about 18.2 inches 
Weight gain: 37.5 pounds (Ergh! 2 pounds this week. Though realistically I know a lot of it is water weight since I am starting to swell.) New goal: go for a 30 minute walk every day. 
Rings: Erm. As of Sunday morning it wasn't so comfortable to put on my rings. I just wore my wedding ring, no problem.
Belly Button: Still an innie. But a very shallow one. 
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: Can't really tell which way Little Man is facing, so I will continue to do this every day. My feet are definitely swelling. My boots still fit, but many of my flats don't. Hopefully sandal weather comes fast. When I sit or lay my hips feel like I am a 115 year old woman. When I stand my feet feel like I ran a marathon. So that's fun! I went to the chiropractor for the first time today and she agrees this naughty little dude feels transverse. I am going to see her quite a bit over the next couple weeks. Hopefully it will help my hips and flip this baby! Interesting info about chiropractors and pregnancy here
Sleep: Depends on the night! The Earth Mother Angel Baby calming tea has been good some nights. I have also had the Earth Mother Angel Baby heartburn tea when the heartburn was unbearable and it really helped. A good night still involves getting up to use the facilities 3-5 times, but then being able to fall back asleep right away.
Movement: I feel him all the time. Still mostly on my left side. 
Food/Aversions: I keep on eating my dark leafy greens. I have also been trying to be better about eating more whole grains. And protein. I know getting enough protein is really important the last month of pregnancy. 
What I miss: Walking to work and not needing a nap after.
What I am looking forward to: More baby showers this weekend!
Baby Projects: Yesterday my mom came over and we sorted and put away clothes I washed. We figured out what types of clothes we still need (most of my cutest Little Man outfits were in 3-6 months!). We also opened up and put away most of the baby shower presents! On Saturday Adam and his dad started working on this bookshelf idea I saw on Pinterest. The picture is below: the left is the Pinterest picture and the right is their start!
Pearls from the Preschool: 
"You baby belly?" (This is a frequently asked question)
Oh! And This:  We really enjoyed all of the classes we took last week. The Baby Basics class was a lot of really good information for Adam he said. We weren't sure what to expect out of the car seat class, but it was SUPER informative. I was "up" on the importance of no coats thicker than a windbreaker/hoodie in car seats and proper positioning of the buckle, but I didn't realize that "after market" head support things and BundleMes are not considered safe because they are not crash tested. Anything that puts an extra barrier between the car seat or restraint and baby is not considered safe. Such a little thing that could make a huge difference in a car crash! The hospital tour was also really great. It was great to see everything ahead of time and they answered lots of questions. I was really the only one asking questions and I felt a little awkward, but then decided I will never see them again, so who cares! The hospital we are delivering at is really open to the needs/wants of the family and seems understanding about the needs of a natural birth!

A bathroom selfie at birthing class

The start to the awesomest bookshelf ever!