Monday, April 21, 2014

37 Weeks

How far along: 37 Weeks-Officially considered "early term" by the new guidelines. We are definitely aiming for "full term" around here (39/40). Little Man and I have daily talks about this.
How big is the baby: Baby boy is the length of rhubarb-about 19.2 inches. I asked my OB to guess at his size today (even though it is generally totally inaccurate) and she guessed he was already about 7 pounds!
Weight gain: As of yesterday 38 pounds. Down 2 from last week somehow? Even though I was walking less and my belly is ginormous. 
Rings: Still able to wear one ring. 
Belly Button: I don't know if "innie" is technically the correct word any more. More like flat-ish with tendency towards innie.
Doctor/Medical/Body Stuff: Appointment today was great. 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and station -2 (low!). My OB says that once labor starts she thinks I will progress quickly! His little butt is sticking out the front of my belly. My OB said if we didn't have the quick ultrasound last week, she would be concerned because his butt feels like a head! I've been trying to sleep with my feet elevated every night. I have major elephant feet and ankles off and on. They were pretty unpleasant this weekend and they are today too. Oh, and Wednesday I lost something. It can mean labor is coming soon or mean nothing at all. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you don't want to know!
Sleep: Last night I was up 13 times to use the facilities. That's way too many!
Movement: He keeps trying to exit stage right, feet first. I keep telling him that is not an option!
Food/Aversions: I've been really working on eating my protein in preparation for delivery. Thank goodness cheese is such a great source of protein!
What I miss: Sleep!
What I am looking forward to: Putting the car seat base in the car. We meant to have it done by a week ago...but that just didn't happen. Hopefully this week! I love looking at that little car seat in the family room. I can't believe soon there will be a baby to put in it!
Baby Projects: TONS got done this week! I kicked it into high gear after Wednesday. My lessons for school are all planned between today and the end of the year. I have pages upon pages of notes in a binder for the sub in addition to a detailed schedule. My end of the year reports are all completed and printed too! Updating IEP goals is my last big thing. Mom came over Friday (Good Friday) and Saturday and helped me a TON, getting ready for Easter and doing baby stuff. (I apparently thought it was a good idea to host Easter for 25 people 3 weeks before my due date! It was truly a lovely day. And made possible because of my amazing mom!) I finished sewing and hanging the blackout liner for the curtains and am almost done with my last batch of cloth wipes. Right before everyone arrived for Easter my dad and Adam helped hang the pictures in the nursery. I love seeing it look almost complete! Well, except for the crib that is now THREE weeks late. 
Pearls from the Preschool: I don't have a good quote, but they keep asking how big the baby is, and when I show them, they are awfully confused about he is in my belly. I then have to act out being all squished in the fetal position. We have this conversation at least once a day!
Oh! And This:  I also had wanted my hospital bag packed by last week. But it is not. I think subconsciously I think if the bag isn't packed, he can't come! Don't get me wrong...I am SO excited to meet him! I am just a little neurotic and like things to happen on schedule! Oh, and I finished little gifts for the nurses that take care of us. Obviously much more important than the hospital bag. ;) 

Doing a labor rehearsal at Bradley class. We all started joking about taking selfies during labor. So this is me in the squatting position pretending to take a selfie during a contraction.

Sneak peek!! I'm SO excited about the vinyl decals I made for the walls!!!