Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Little Man Is On The Way Baby Shower

Today my sisters-in-law threw me a lovely Little Man themed baby shower. 

I have to confess....
A year ago I was known to say "I just don't *get* the whole mustache craze!" Well....when we found out we were having a boy, I suddenly found all the baby boy mustache stuff ADORABLE! So fun for our Little Man (who is arriving VERY SOON!).

Cute sign outside the building

Yummy snacks!

Cute clothesline decorations with cloth diapers too!

Each cup had a different mustache. It was hard to pick!

My SIL made this awesome cake and yummy chocolate covered oreos!

Bowties, mustaches, and ties! I wish I had some of these at home!

SO funny! Awesome display of fruit and I love that has has a mustache with his pacie!


Adorable washcloth bowties decorated the tables

Guessing how big around my belly was. WHAT?!?!
The one on the left is my real measurement! 

The two grandmas got us the Mamaroo!
(If you haven't seen one in action, you need to watch the video!)

My SIL Jess and I rockin' the 'staches!

Adam's Aunt Sue!

My wonderful sisters-in-law! 
Everything today was so cute and perfect for our Little Man!

Now that all of our showers are done....we just need to finish putting everything together and away. And figure out what we still need from our registries before Little Man arrives!