Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We Appreciate You! Thank You Gifts for Nurses

Before Little Man arrived, one of the things I knew I wanted to do was make a little thank you for the nurses that took care of us. As a teacher, I know thank you gifts are never expected, but they really do make you smile and feel good inside when they happen! Also, my mom has always been such an appreciative person that I grew up with the model of wanting to thank people! I thought about baking for them ahead of time and freezing it....but then figured they don't know me (or Adam)...from Adam. They probably wouldn't eat cookies from a stranger's kitchen. Again, as a teacher, I am picky about who I eat homemade things from!

Because we didn't know exactly how many to expect, I decided to make enough for 12 nurses (on the higher end). Talking to my friend Katie who works Mother/Baby, she said I could expect to have between 4 and 12 nurses depending how long I am in labor and then how long I stay in the hospital. 

I figured I would do something little for the individual nurses and then also make a couple baskets that could go in the lounge/desk area to be shared. 

For the nurses I got hand sanitzier, a chapstick, and a little package of Kleenex. I figure all of those things are useful for anyone! I ordered them all in "bulk" from Amazon and paid a really good price! For the hand sanitizer, I peeled off the label. The trick to getting it off without leaving any gunk on: pull up the corner and rip it off quickly. I added a "Keep Calm and Nurse On" vinyl decal that I cut out with my Silhouette.

I added a little tag (love the print and cut feature on the Silhouette!) that says "Thank you for taking such great care of my mommy & me". 

For the baskets, I hit up Trader Joe's (because who doesn't love treats from Trader Joe's?!) and got some yummy snacks. I made up 3 different baskets. I figure at least one for labor and delivery (hopefully we aren't there super long!) and then for 2 different shifts on Mother/Baby. 

The baskets (actually cute Chevron bags) have: chocolate covered cranberries or blue berries, mini peanut butter cups, fruit jellies, dried banana chips, and yogurt covered cookies. I hope that I have hit a variety of food preferences to make everyone smile!

I'm putting a note on top of my hospital bag (whenever I get that packed) to remind us to grab the 3 treat bags and the bag of nurse gifts to put in the car. That way we have them ready to go to thank these people that I know will take wonderful care of us!