Monday, June 02, 2014

Being a New Mama

Being a new mama is kind of incredible. When people ask how it is going, I have no clue what to say. How do you summarize the most amazing thing that has ever happened to you in just a few words in a casual greeting?! 

My random thoughts on being a new mom:

-You know how when you are holding a baby and he or she starts to fuss you say, "I guess it is time to go back to mommy"? Being THAT mommy? The one that makes it all better? The one that gets the baby back and he is so happy to just be back in your arms? THAT? THAT is amazing. I'm the mommy. And I love it.

-I know they say "Sleep when the baby sleeps". I try. And most mornings we don't actually get up until after 9:00 because I try to get one more "nap" in after he eats in the early morning. And many days I have had some sort of nap during the day when Adam is home or my mom or sister are over. But sometimes? It is hard (during the day or at night). Not because I want to clean my house. I don't care about that! Because I want to stare at him. And snuggle him. And kiss his cheeks 5 thousand times. 

-I cannot imagine being a new mommy up at all hours of the night without a smartphone. The last couple days I have been able to read a few times during feedings. But not at 3:00 am. My brain can't read when I am that tired. But I can definitely scroll Facebook or Twitter or pin cute things on Pinterest. I spend a lot of my time staring at my incredible boy and snuggling and savoring those moments. 3:00 am, sometimes the only way to stay awake during the 12th feeding of the night (ok, maybe an exaggeration) is to look at my phone!

-I also cannot imagine being a new mommy without Amazon Prime! Free 2 day shipping! Decent prices! Convenient! When I am chatting on Twitter late at night about the pacifier falling out and it is suggested I need a Wubbanub, I can hop right on Amazon and the Wubbanub will be here in 2 days! Or when I am lamenting on my May 2014 Mamas Facebook group about washing the fabric on the changing pad every day, and it is suggested to get Boppy changing pad protectors, I can order them right in the moment! I can also ship gifts to friends who just had babies and order birthday gifts for upcoming birthdays when I think about it at 4:00 am!

-I honestly cannot get enough of the snuggles and the kisses. I probably kiss his face 5,000 times every day. Maybe 10,000. I don't know. But it isn't enough. Excuse me while I lean over and kiss him now!

-Almost as good as being a new mommy? Watching Adam being a new daddy. It is amazing. It is like he has done this his whole life. I could watch the two of them together for hours. 

-This incredible baby boy? We made him. And my body carried him. He was inside me. And now he is out. And he is the most incredible little baby ever. He is mine...ours. Forever. And I cannot imagine it being any different.