Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Elijah: 16 Weeks

Weight: Based on us weighing you at home, you seem to be just about 17 pounds.
Height: no update
Clothes: Transitioning to 6-9 month onesies. You have been in 9 month pants. And some of those are too small. Your cloth diaper butt definitely contributes to that.
Diapers: You are in size 3 now. You wore disposables for the first time in a long time when we went away to stay in a hotel for a wedding for the weekend. 
Sleep: You sleep your first stretch from 9ish until somewhere between 1 and 3. Then you come in bed with mommy and eat about every 90 minutes. Some babies find the "goods" on their own. You...not so much. You whack and prod and root until Mama helps you out. You usually wake up when I get out of bed and happily hang out in your Mamaroo while I get ready for work. Many times you fall asleep during your last feed right before I leave. Sometimes you are awake for Nanny Amanda though! On weekends you love to sleep in late in bed with me until I wake up for the day. I think part of the reason you are waking up more is that I am back at work and you aren't eating as much during the day, but I've also read this is very common for 4 months! 
Eating: Sometimes you eat for 35 minutes and other times you are done after 5! You often fall asleep at the end of a feed and sleep-eat for a while. You usually have a burp a few minutes in and then you go back to eating for a while. You have decided that you have no need to eat during the day while Mommy is gone. Occasionally you will take half an ounce, but most of the time you are all, "Whatev. I'm not going to get upset about this. I'll just wait and eat when my Mommy comes home."
Likes: You LOVE to suck on your hands and your fingers. You have started sticking your flat hand in your mouth and almost gag yourself! You love any fabric. We can hand you a burp cloth to make you happy for a few minutes if there's no foof nearby. You are also super stoked to roll over all the time!
Dislikes: You do NOT like to wait and eat when you are tired and hungry. Especially before bed if we are changing your diaper and getting jammies on and you decide you want to eat NOW, you will close your eyes and screech until we comply!
Health: You are doing really well and we aren't going back to the chiropractor for 3 weeks now.
Oh! And this: We went to a wedding this weekend in Michigan to see Liz and Kim get married. You were awesome in the hotel and at the wedding. You got almost as much attention as the brides! You LOVED swimming in the hotel pool with Daddy. Too bad I forgot my suit! I am so happy that this was your first wedding and I hope that in the future it won't matter if the weddings you attend are two women, a man and a woman or two men, as long as they are filled with as much warmth and love as this one! 
New Tricks: Rolling from back to front! You had been trying for a couple weeks and on August 26th you finally did it for Daddy! You did it for him 3 times that night before I saw. Now you won't stop! You love to roll over ALL THE TIME now! You try during diaper changes. And when we are putting you jammies on. And every time you are on your back! You are very proud of yourself every time you do it!
Firsts: Rolling over, hayride, apple picking, pool, and wedding!

You love to roll onto your tummy now!

8/18 Hanging with Mommy on Tummy Time

8/21 We love to sit on the glider and read together

8/22 Walked in the HOT to the Farmer's Market with Aunt Jess and Toby.
Toby LOVES you and calls you "Baby Lijah". 

8/23 You are trying SO hard to roll over!

8/23 Daddy being silly with you in bed

8/24 Mommy and Eli making silly faces before bed

8/29 First two piece jammies. How are these 12 months?!

8/30 Your favorite toy! You will always roll over for this!

8/30 Swimming in the hotel pool with Daddy!

8/31 First Hay Wagon ride at the Orchards with Kim, Phil and Emma

8/31 First apple picking at the Orchards with Kim, Phil and Emma

8/31 Emma and you at the wedding!

8/31 Family Picture

9/1 First hotel stay!