Monday, September 29, 2014

Elijah: 20 Weeks

Weight: No update
Height: No update
Clothes: Same: 6-9 months clothes. 12 month pants fit better. Sometimes if I want you to wear a specific pair of 9 pants that are too small, we will put you in a disposable so they fit.
Diapers: We put an extra insert in your nighttime diapers to help you stay dry. Also, you love to go number 2 in the Mamaroo when you are watching me get ready in the morning. Silly boy!
Sleep: Last week we transitioned you into the Zipadeezip for naps and this weekend for night time. Since you can roll, we don't think it is safe for you to be in your Woombie anymore. The Zippy is supposed to help when you flail your arms out. The transition is actually going OK. At night you are in the cradle instead of the Co-Sleeper now; you were getting too big! Your naps and nighttime sleep vary every day. Sometimes your naps are short power naps, but sometimes we get a 2 hour nap still. At night sometimes you will sleep until 4:00 am, and other times only until midnight. A few times you have woken up upset, but after being rocked for a minute you fell right back asleep. You are waking up several times and mama is tired!
Eating: You aren't drinking anything when Mama is at work. Also, you are VERY busy and paying attention to everything around you. Sometimes it is hard to get you to eat. You won't nurse in public anymore because there's too much to see and you are having NONE of the nursing cover. This weekend we gave you a Breastmilk Popsicle and you thought it was AWESOME! Well at first you were were startled by the cold, but then you ate the rest! 
Likes: You LOVE sitting in your high chair at the table with us. You are pretty sure that is the best thing that has ever happened to you. You continue to LOVE having conversations with us. You love to have tummy time and move all around on the floor playing with your toys.
Dislikes: Being tired and falling asleep. You have been fighting sleep lately. Sometimes you fight eating when you know it will make you fall asleep. You don't want to miss anything!
Health: You still have a bit of a congested nose, but it doesn't run. Hmmm.
Oh! And this: You are trying REALLY hard to crawl! You even get your knees underneath your body sometimes. You reach reach and wiggle like a worm. You try and try and try. You have also been trying to sit up. When you are in the Rock N Play you work those ab muscles trying to sit up and join us.
New Tricks: Trying to blow raspberries!